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Oregon driver facing charges following game

A friendly game of truth-or-dare is a popular pastime for many Oregon young people. In most cases, games like these are harmless fun. However, when people are injured during these types of games, the police may become interested in what happen and criminal charges can follow.

Portland man faces attempted murder charges after shooting

A person can face felony charges for a variety of activity. Drug charges, sex crimes and certain thefts can all be classified as felonies under certain circumstances. Violent crimes are often felonies, especially when someone's life has been put in danger.

Rape charges for man with prior criminal record

Investigations for felony charges can result in a variety of difficult consequences for the accused. People can be subject to unwanted media attention, face problems at work, spend time in jail and have restrictions placed on their daily lives as soon as charges are brought. These initial punishments can place a burden on a person's life. However, they do not mean that a person is guilty of a crime or that the person will eventually be found guilty. One area that often creates serious immediate consequences is with sex crimes. Aggressive prosecution can lead to immediate problems for the accused, especially if people do not take affirmative steps to protect their rights from the beginning of a case.

Oregon man faces robbery and other felony charges

People can sometimes act out of desperation. The need for something is so great, that they perform a criminal act that they otherwise would have avoided. In these cases, people can still face serious criminal charges -- including felony charges -- despite not wanting anyone to get hurt in the process.

After fleeing police, 2 face felony charges

Any interaction with Oregon police officers can lead to criminal charges. However, a host of additional charges -- or upgraded charges -- can be included if people do not cooperate with police during a traffic stop or other police investigation. While people are under no obligation to tell police about illegal activity, they do need to comply with certain requests -- including the request to pull over.

Fight results in assault charges for Oregon man

In the full range of emotions that people can feel, anger can be dangerous. When people are angry they sometimes act out in a way that they normally would avoid. While peoples' anger does not excuse their behavior it can sometimes be an explanation for why people did something they did. Even when a person's emotions get the best of them, people should understand that criminal consequences can follow in certain circumstances.

11 months after shooting, Portland man faces murder charge

People's criminal history can follow them for years to come after the criminal proceedings are done. A permanent criminal record can lead to problems finding employment and housing. It can also increase penalties in subsequent criminal proceedings. Furthermore, a criminal history can create suspicion by police officers and the general public should an issue arise in the future.

Man accused of sex crimes against consenting partner

There is sometimes a fine line between consensual sexual activity and inappropriate behavior. This line can get blurry when two adults -- who are able to consent -- are involved in the incident. Sometimes in cases like these, criminal charges can follow. While someone is facing allegations of sex crimes, the evidence may come in the form of he said, she said testimony.

Oregon man faces federal and state felony charges

An Oregon man that is already facing federal drug charges has recently been accused of other state crimes. According to police, the 38-year-old man was involved in a gang-related stabbing that took place last year at a club on Northeast Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard in Portland.

Oregon cafe owner charged with sex crimes against minors

An Oregon business owner has been arrested on charges of sex crimes against minors. The 45-year-old man owned a cafe which employed minor girls. According to reports, the man has been charged with 28 criminal counts including for sexual abuse, sodomy and third-degree rape. Police claim that the man exchanged drugs with minor employees and other young girls that visited the cafe in exchange for sexual activity. He is also facing drug charges for allegedly distributing nitrous oxide, marijuana and MDMA to the minors.

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