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With organized retail crime on the rise, mega-stores demand enforcement

There was a time when retail crime meant something relatively minor, like shoplifting, or a hijacked truck. In recent years, however, stores around the country have demanded laws to protect them against major crimes by organized entities. This accounts for the wave of organized retail crime laws.

What is a Measure 11 crime?

In Oregon, a person may be charged with a crime based on how his conduct aligns with the statutorily established offenses recognized by the state government. For example, Oregon has on its books crimes related to drunk driving, the use and possession of certain drugs, violence, and many others. If a person is convicted of a crime, he will receive penalties that must be fulfilled before he may resume his regular life outside of the criminal justice system.

What reforms are being considered for measure 11 crimes?

As many Oregon residents are aware, some criminal charges have defined penalties attached to them. In some cases, mandatory minimum sentences apply, ensuring that those defendants convicted of a felony face the appropriate penalties for the crimes he or she committed. While this helps guarantee that offenders of serious crimes receive their necessary punishment, this also presents a problem for some defendants facing felony allegations. Specifically, mandatory minimum sentences could result in harsh penalties that do not adequately fit the crime.

Helping individuals with their defense against felony charges

While no criminal charge should be taken lightly, facing a felony charge likely means the accused could endure a long prison sentence and serious fines if he or she is convicted. Moreover, a felony conviction could result in personal and professional consequences, such as problems obtaining gainful employment or acquiring housing following a release from prison. The impact that a felony charge could have on individuals in Oregon and elsewhere could be substantial; therefore, it is important to understand the rights and defense options afforded to those accused of a felony.

Sex crime charges should never be taken lightly

When people think about sex crime charges, they may think about charges such as rape, child molestation, prostitution or other serious crimes. However, sex crimes are much more varied than this. They can include charges of date rape, sexting, internet solicitation of minors or lewd conduct. The possession of child pornography, pandering and the failure to register as a sex offender can also result in sex crime charges in Oregon.

Degrees of rape in Oregon

Very few crimes in Oregon carry the same social and from the repercussions as sexual crimes. Sexual offenses often carry stiff penalties and are met with a lifelong stigma against the accused. People can immediately see negative effects of accusations of sexual crimes. These can include a job loss, loss of housing and loss of social opportunities. Therefore, it is important for individuals to understand exactly what they're being charged with and how to best combat the charges.

Oregon man accused of raping bicyclist

According to the United States Constitution everyone has the right to be treated as innocent until proven guilty. This means that police, prosecutors and other law-enforcement officials must treat people as if they are innocent of the crime until a court of law has adjudicated them as guilty. This can sometimes be easier said than done. Especially when an individual in Oregon is charged with a sexual offense, the media and the public often form an immediate opinion on the matter. When this occurs, a person's rights can be threatened.

Which sex crimes lead to the sex offender registry in Oregon?

There are many serious crimes in Oregon. Of these crimes, sex crimes have some of the most severe consequences. This is because sex crimes can result in an individual being placed on the sex offender registry. When a person is placed on the sex offender registry, that person can see serious restrictions on the person's rights. An individual on the sex offender registry may not be able to work certain jobs, live in certain places or visit certain public spaces. The individual might also be subject to monitoring by local authorities.

Is it unlawful for a felon to have a firearm in Oregon?

There are variety of consequences for being found guilty of a felony in Oregon. Some of these consequences can lead to additional criminal charges if individuals are not careful. Recently, this blog highlighted the story of a couple of men who were arrested by police for possessing firearms. In that case, the individuals were convicted felons and were subsequently not allowed to have weapons.

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