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Oregon man accused of raping bicyclist

According to the United States Constitution everyone has the right to be treated as innocent until proven guilty. This means that police, prosecutors and other law-enforcement officials must treat people as if they are innocent of the crime until a court of law has adjudicated them as guilty. This can sometimes be easier said than done. Especially when an individual in Oregon is charged with a sexual offense, the media and the public often form an immediate opinion on the matter. When this occurs, a person's rights can be threatened.

Protect your rights before an arrest

In Oregon as elsewhere, in some instances people are arrested immediately after some event has taken place. For example, a fight may immediately lead to assault charges. However, there are also many situations where police undertake an investigation before an arrest is made. In these cases, police may gather evidence from a variety of sources in order to get the information they need to bring charges.

Which sex crimes lead to the sex offender registry in Oregon?

There are many serious crimes in Oregon. Of these crimes, sex crimes have some of the most severe consequences. This is because sex crimes can result in an individual being placed on the sex offender registry. When a person is placed on the sex offender registry, that person can see serious restrictions on the person's rights. An individual on the sex offender registry may not be able to work certain jobs, live in certain places or visit certain public spaces. The individual might also be subject to monitoring by local authorities.

Can individuals lose their right to own a gun under federal law?

People may be aware that they can be charged with crimes at both the federal and state level. In either case, there are specific penalties that can be assigned. These penalties can include jail time and fines, but they can also include the loss of certain civil rights. These rights can include the right to own or possess a firearm.

Restoring federal civil rights after a state conviction

People may think that the penalties for crimes only consist of jail or fines, but that is not true. Individuals can face a variety of serious consequences when charged with a criminal offense. These consequences can include the loss of the right to own or possess firearms, losing the right to vote and others. People can also be left with a criminal record which can result in the loss of job opportunities and housing options.

Woman faces DUI after hitting Oregon trooper

Humans are prone to making mistakes. Individuals can suffer lapse of judgment from time to time. When Oregon residents choose to drive after having a drink it, they risk drunk driving charges. These charges don't mean that they are bad people, just that they've made a mistake. And this mistake, like many others has serious penalties.

Swiftly combat drug charges in Oregon

When police learn that people in Oregon are involved in using or selling drugs, they act very quickly. Whether they start investigation, undercover work, obtain a warrant or take some other action, the police immediately begin to create a case against an individual suspected of drug law violations. Police do not take allegations of drug use or drug sales lightly.

What are the minimum sentences for federal drug charges?

Individuals in Oregon can face criminal charges for a variety of reasons. Most of their conduct will result in state charges. However, there are certain areas where the federal government also can bring charges against an individual. One of these cases is with drug charges. When a person faces federal drug trafficking charges, the individual is subject to federal penalties.

Police officer faces drug charges for alleged sale of marijuana

In Oregon, drug crimes are treated seriously by the authorities. No matter who is accused of selling drugs, criminal charges can follow. When people face drug-crime allegations, there can be serious consequences to the person's immediate future. Individuals can face social and financial consequences as a result of a drug arrest. These consequences can increase further if a person is eventually convicted on the drug charges. Drug charges can result in lengthy prison sentences, larges fines and a permanent criminal record.

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