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February 2016 Archives

Oregon residents can restore their gun rights

There are many penalties associated with a criminal conviction in Oregon. Some of these penalties can be an inconvenience while others can have a large impact on a person's life. One such penalty is the loss of the right to own or possess a firearm. In some situations, however, it may be possible to restore these gun rights.

What is the difference between a violation and a crime in Oregon?

In Oregon, not every interaction with a police officer will result in criminal charges. If people are cited for some offense in Oregon, not every charge is necessarily equal. There are many different ways that crimes are classified within the state. It is important for individuals to understand these classifications in order to best combat the charges. People also need to know what is at stake when they are facing criminal charges.

Know your options when facing misdemeanor charges

There are many laws and regulations in place in Oregon. These laws help to keep individuals safe and provide some sense of law and order within the state. These laws are complicated and are often not clearly propagated to the general community. Oregon residents may not even realize that they are doing something they aren't supposed to do. Therefore, it can be surprising when individuals are facing criminal charges. People may not even realize why they are facing charges or what can be done to fight them.

Delivering imitation drugs in Oregon

Oregon residents may understand that it is not legal to deliver controlled substances within the state. In fact, there are a variety of serious laws that prohibit the sale or distribution of certain drugs within the state. These include cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, marijuana and more. There are serious penalties associated with the sale, use and transfer of these controlled substances in Oregon.

Can you sell drug equipment in Oregon?

There are people across the state of Oregon who buy and sell goods on a daily basis. Many individuals make a living by selling products to other consumers. Many people may not think about what they are selling or the legal ramifications of certain products. However, it can be important for those selling certain types of equipment to understand the legal realities that can follow.

Is it unlawful for a felon to have a firearm in Oregon?

There are variety of consequences for being found guilty of a felony in Oregon. Some of these consequences can lead to additional criminal charges if individuals are not careful. Recently, this blog highlighted the story of a couple of men who were arrested by police for possessing firearms. In that case, the individuals were convicted felons and were subsequently not allowed to have weapons.

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