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The dark emotional rainbow that follows DUII arrest

1. Remorse. This is your first DUII emotion. It happens the moment you see the police cruiser's flashing lights in your rear-view mirror. Remorse may not be the right word. If you could kick yourself at this moment, you would.

Understanding field sobriety tests: The single leg stand

If a law enforcement official suspects that a driver is under the influence of alcohol, that officer may stop the person's vehicle to investigate the situation. In Oregon, a police officer may ask a suspected drunk driver to perform one or more field sobriety tests to demonstrate the driver's level of sobriety. One common test that drivers are asked to perform is the single leg stand, also sometimes called the one-leg stand.

What is a DUII charge in the state of Oregon?

It is often a stressful situation for motorists when they are stopped by a police officer following a presumed traffic violation or an automobile accident. Drivers in Oregon often consider what types of traffic violations they could be charged with and what types of penalties they could face. In some cases, this could only amount to a warning or a fine; however, for more serious offenses, a driver could lose their privilege to drive for a period of time, and endure other harsh penalties such as hefty fines and jail time. If officers believe that a driver has an intoxicating substance in their system, he or she could face with a DUII charge.

Participating in a diversion program to dismiss a DUI charge

Being pulled over by a police officer is not a pleasant experience for drivers in Oregon. While a traffic stop could result in a simple warning, it could also result in a driver facing a serious charge such as a DUI. The penalties for a drunk driving charge could be serious, especially if a driver has more than one DUI conviction on their record. Therefore, it is important for the accused to consider all of their defense options.

Drunk driving and your rights

When people are facing drunk driving charges, they may feel like they have no legal rights. They may feel like a police officer's word will be the only thing taken into consideration during the criminal proceedings. However, people who are facing criminal charges for drunk driving do have many legal rights.

Are field sobriety tests accurate?

Police officers in Oregon need specific evidence that a person has been drinking and driving in order to bring driving under the influence charges. There are a variety of different tests that Oregon police officers can use in order to get this information. One test that is often used is the field sobriety test.

Abby Wambach arrested for DUII in Portland

Everyone makes mistakes from time to time. Whether it's a simple lapse in judgment or a criminal offense, people need to know that mistakes happen and that the mistake does not change who they are as a person. Drunk driving is a mistake that can happen to literally anyone. People can get behind the wheel after not realizing how much they have had to drink. When this happens, people can face driving under the influence charges in Oregon.

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