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What reforms are being considered for measure 11 crimes?

As many Oregon residents are aware, some criminal charges have defined penalties attached to them. In some cases, mandatory minimum sentences apply, ensuring that those defendants convicted of a felony face the appropriate penalties for the crimes he or she committed. While this helps guarantee that offenders of serious crimes receive their necessary punishment, this also presents a problem for some defendants facing felony allegations. Specifically, mandatory minimum sentences could result in harsh penalties that do not adequately fit the crime.

Participating in a diversion program to dismiss a DUI charge

Being pulled over by a police officer is not a pleasant experience for drivers in Oregon. While a traffic stop could result in a simple warning, it could also result in a driver facing a serious charge such as a DUI. The penalties for a drunk driving charge could be serious, especially if a driver has more than one DUI conviction on their record. Therefore, it is important for the accused to consider all of their defense options.

Helping individuals with their defense against felony charges

While no criminal charge should be taken lightly, facing a felony charge likely means the accused could endure a long prison sentence and serious fines if he or she is convicted. Moreover, a felony conviction could result in personal and professional consequences, such as problems obtaining gainful employment or acquiring housing following a release from prison. The impact that a felony charge could have on individuals in Oregon and elsewhere could be substantial; therefore, it is important to understand the rights and defense options afforded to those accused of a felony.

Do domestic violence charges affect gun rights in Oregon?

When people think about misdemeanor charges, they likely think about minor penalties. These penalties may include small fines, jail time, community service or similar penalties. People do not often associate misdemeanor charges with lifelong penalties. However, some misdemeanors can carry lifelong consequences. When it comes to misdemeanor domestic violence charges, for example, a person can lose their gun rights if convicted.

Portland chef arrested on misdemeanor assault charges

Spouses do not always get along with one another. In fact, many have serious disagreements from time to time. While these disagreements can be normal, if the altercation turns physical, criminal charges can follow. In particular, individuals may face misdemeanor domestic violence charges if the fight escalates to a physical level.

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