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Oregon men face drug trafficking charges

While views on marijuana are rapidly changing throughout the United States, and especially here in Oregon, the drug is still highly regulated and often illegal. Even with laws that allow recreational marijuana use, the sale and distribution of marijuana is highly regulated. People who choose to sell, distribute or transport the drug will still face serious state or federal charges.

What are the different types of drug crimes?

Some types of criminal charges are very specific while others are very broad. The phrase "drug crimes" actually encompasses a wide variety of specific drug charges. Depending on the specific charges that a person faces, the penalties can be very different. Therefore, it is important for Oregon residents to understand the types of drug charges they face. In general, drug charges fall into one of four broader categories.

Understanding decriminalization of marijuana possession

There has been a lot of discussion about marijuana use and possession in the news over the last several years. Some states have legalized marijuana -- including Oregon's neighbor Washington -- some states have decriminalized marijuana and others continue to prosecute all marijuana possession cases. Furthermore, the federal government has added to the confusion by continuing to treat marijuana possession as a crime.

Drug possession charges for woman found with heroin

Portland residents may have access to a variety of drugs. In most cases, it is illegal for people to possess or use these drugs under any circumstances. However, the reality is that people do make the mistake of using drugs and sometimes get caught.

Officers locate cocaine in car heading to border

When an officer stops a driver, the driver could be subjected to a search. Whether it is at a checkpoint, border or due to a suspected traffic violation, the search could result in criminal charges if drugs are found in the vehicle. Depending on the details of the situation, the driver could face drug trafficking charges and could endure serious penalties. In order to protect their rights, the suspect should investigate to ensure their rights were not violated in the search procedures.

Multiple agencies make marijuana arrests in Portland

National attitudes about marijuana use have been changing in the United States over the last few years -- especially now that some states have even legalized the drug for recreational use. However, it is important for Oregon residents to remember that marijuana is still considered an illegal drug in the state -- outside of the medical marijuana program. Furthermore, the federal government still considers marijuana to be an illegal substance. Therefore, people who are caught using, growing or selling marijuana can face serious federal and state drug charges.

Police arrest two in Portland on drug trafficking charges

In many cases, police officers cannot enter a property just because they suspect illegal activity may be occurring. The United States Constitution protects Oregon residents from such illegal searches by police officers. Usually, police either need a search warrant or permission to search from someone who lives in the home.

Former Oregon sheriff accused of drug trafficking

An Oregon man has been arrested on drug charges in another state. According to reports, the 56-year-old man is a retired Clackamas County sheriff and lives in Creswell. Police stopped the man after they allegedly caught him speeding in a construction zone at around 11:00 a.m.

Oregon police seize marijuana following raids

As previous blog posts have mentioned, Oregon has a complicated relationship with marijuana, and therefore, complicated marijuana laws. While marijuana possession laws tend to be less severe than in other areas of the country, there are still severe sanctions for drug trafficking. The laws surrounding medical marijuana can be even more involved and murky. People who are interested in producing or using medical marijuana need to fully understand their rights, and their limitations or else they may face drug charges.

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