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Officers locate cocaine in car heading to border

When an officer stops a driver, the driver could be subjected to a search. Whether it is at a checkpoint, border or due to a suspected traffic violation, the search could result in criminal charges if drugs are found in the vehicle. Depending on the details of the situation, the driver could face drug trafficking charges and could endure serious penalties. In order to protect their rights, the suspect should investigate to ensure their rights were not violated in the search procedures.

Near Delta Park, Oregon, authorities recently pulled over a driver, and that stop led to a permissive search and the arrest of the driver. According to reports, the Canadian man was presumably on his way to Vancouver, British Columbia, and was traveling through Portland to get to his destination. During his travels, officers pulled over the 28-year-old driver.

The driver allegedly gave consent to authorities to search the vehicle. During a canine search, the drug-sniffing dogs found cocaine in the vehicle. The reports indicated that there was roughly $420,000 worth of cocaine based on the street value of that amount in the U.S. In Canada, that amount would be worth roughly $920,000.

The driver was placed under arrest and is now facing charges for drug manufacturing, distributing and possession of cocaine. Facing serious charges such as a possession or drug trafficking charge could mean serious penalties for the accused. In these matters, it is important to fully investigate the situation. If officers failed to properly search and seize, this could lead to inadmissible evidence. Furthermore, charges could be reduced or dropped.

Defendants facing serious crimes such as drug crimes should understand that they are entitled to a defense. Making a defense strategy against the allegations or pending charges is crucial. Doing so will help reduce or drop the charges and could ultimately clear their name. Becoming knowledgeable about their legal options will help them create a strong defense.

Source: KOIN, "50 pounds of coke found in Canadian's rental car," June 23, 2014

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