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What are the limits of medical marijuana immunity?

As many Oregon residents likely know, Oregon has a medical marijuana program that allows certain people to legally use, possession and grow marijuana within the state. The people who qualify for the medical marijuana program are highly regulated and if they do not strictly follow the rules of the program, then they can face criminal punishments.

With our help, you can understand and fight drug charges

In this recent blog, we helped you understand the difference between the legalization and the decriminalization of marijuana. While this blog post provided some information, it does not even begin to cover everything you need to understand when you are facing drug charges.

Ten arrested on drug charges in Southeast Portland

Multiple law enforcement agencies can be involved investigating a person for criminal behavior. When this occurs, every person involved in the investigation must respect the person's constitutional rights during the investigation. This means that inherent right to privacy must be respected and that police must obey search and seizure rules -- including executing a search warrant before searching a person's home.

What are the types of drug charges involving heroin in Oregon?

In a recent article, this blog highlighted the arrest of one Portland woman for possession of heroin. In that case, police accused the woman of using heroin in her car while her child was present. Many people are likely aware that heroin is illegal in Oregon. However, people may not be aware of the different drug charges that a person can face as a result of heroin.

Drug possession charges for woman found with heroin

Portland residents may have access to a variety of drugs. In most cases, it is illegal for people to possess or use these drugs under any circumstances. However, the reality is that people do make the mistake of using drugs and sometimes get caught.

Multiple agencies make marijuana arrests in Portland

National attitudes about marijuana use have been changing in the United States over the last few years -- especially now that some states have even legalized the drug for recreational use. However, it is important for Oregon residents to remember that marijuana is still considered an illegal drug in the state -- outside of the medical marijuana program. Furthermore, the federal government still considers marijuana to be an illegal substance. Therefore, people who are caught using, growing or selling marijuana can face serious federal and state drug charges.

Police investigate firearms -- search ends in drug charges

When police and other law enforcement officials conduct large scale investigations, they may want to search the private property of Oregon citizens. In order to legally conduct these searches, the police must obtain a search warrant from a judicial officer. This search warrant will explain what evidence the police have that criminal activity may be taking place. It will also limit the scope of the search to a particular location and for a particular reason.

Dancing outside courthouse leads to drug charges for Oregon women

Unusual conduct outside an Oregon courthouse has led to three arrests on drug charges. According to police, three woman were at city hall to pay a fine. When they left the building, court officials claim that the women started "twerking" - a dance made popular by pop stars - and exposing their genitals in public. Officials even reported seeing one of the women urinate in public before driving off.

Police investigate North Portland men following drug charges

Police investigations can continue for a while after a person is arrested. Depending on the specific charges, Oregon police may be trying to determine exactly what happened in a particular incident, gather more evidence or find more suspects. Whatever the case, police and prosecutors will work tirelessly to prepare the best case possible against those accused of criminal activity.

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