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Oregon mom admits to drinking before picking up kids at school

Despite the fact that arrests for drunk driving are fairly common, many people assume that no matter how risky their behavior, they're immune from being pulled over for such an offense. We often assume that drunk drivers are always alcoholics, that they're habitual offenders and that they all belong in jail. But anyone can make the mistake to drink and drive, and the consequences are serious and long-lasting, no matter who you are.

DUII driver who nearly hit trooper enters diversion program

As many people who have been accused of drunk driving know, you don't have to be an alcoholic to make a bad judgment call. But if you're convicted, that poor choice can stay with you for years afterward. In addition to possible jail time and fines, the offense will stay on your driving record and affect your insurance rates and your criminal record, not to mention your personal reputation.

University of Oregon football player charged with DUII

College athletes are generally under a lot of pressure, particularly when their sport's season is in full swing. They're expected to excel on the field and in the classroom, and if they hold a scholarship, they could lose their ability to play and attend school if either their athletic abilities or their academics falter.

Driving drunk can result in more than just a police pullover

People who are pulled over and arrested for drunk driving can consider themselves lucky, in one respect. If police determine they're intoxicated and stop them from driving before they get into an accident, it means the driver won't run the risk of injuring himself or others in a crash.

Man accused of street racing, driving drunk in Clackamas County

Alcohol can cause people to do things they normally wouldn't while sober. Drinking gives some people a false sense of confidence that can lead to dangerous behavior, and very often that behavior is illegal. The most obvious and common example is driving drunk. But many people take things farther than that.

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