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Oregon couple's drug case involves state and federal courts

Both the state and federal governments have criminal courts. Each court handles different types of crimes and has rules and procedures that need to be followed. Drug charges typically are prosecuted in Oregon courts as a state crime. Drug offenses have a wide range of punishments depending on the specific charges, the amount of drugs the person is accused of having or dealing, the person's criminal record and the type of drug involved. However, some drug charges can be prosecuted in federal court. These charges are typically more severe and have heavier consequences.

Oregon man sentenced on felony bigamy charges

How a person chooses to respond to criminal charges can make a very big difference in the outcome of a case. When the criminal charges are felonies, the repercussions are extremely serious. In pleading not guilty, people must be prepared to mount an aggressive defense. They need to have effective counsel and a solid strategy to fight the charges in court.

Search for phone leads to drug charges in Oregon case

Seemingly minor interactions with police can sometimes lead to more serious criminal charges. Police may pull someone over for a traffic violation, search a vehicle and find drugs. Or police can search a home looking for drugs, but also find weapons. In both of these situations, or similar scenarios, police have to have some reason to conduct a search. Search and seizure rules require police to have probable cause to conduct a search. In most situations, police need a warrant to conduct the search.

Medical marijuana distribution center in Oregon raided by police

In many states, including Oregon, the state has permitted the use of medical marijuana. Therefore, in Oregon, it is legal to use marijuana as a registered user. There are 54,200 people who are eligible grow and use medical marijuana in Oregon. It is, however, illegal to sell medical marijuana in Oregon, even to registered users. If users sell marijuana, then they can face drug charges.

Portland police: Traffic stop yields 22 pounds of meth

Traffic stops can be frustrating for anyone. Police can be aggressive and tickets can lead to fines and other expenses. However, in some cases, routine traffic stops have the potential to turn into much more serious situations.

Should drug users who report overdoses be immune to charges?

Although Oregon's medical marijuana laws leave some with the impression that the state is lax when it comes to drug law enforcement, people suspected of using, possessing or distributing illegal drugs are subject to heavy fines and significant jail time. As the laws stand, there are few exceptions made for people caught with these substances. But Oregon and other states are being pushed to consider adopting laws that offer immunity in cases where a person's health and safety are at risk.

Reduced sentences for drug, DUII convictions come with conditions

Very often in cases involving drunk-driving or drug charges, defendants are able to avoid the full weight of a conviction and its maximum penalties by agreeing to participate in a diversion program. Oregon's diversion programs, which may require substance abuse treatment, attendance of a victims impact panel and community service, are designed to prevent defendants from committing the same crime again. In exchange for successful completion of the program, a defendant's conviction will be dismissed.

Oregon drug sweep nets more than dozen arrests in several cities

In an effort to make a bigger impact in America's war on drugs, many times a group of law enforcement agencies will combine efforts to catch many drug suspects at once. These multi-agency sweeps are typically very good for publicity because they result in seized drugs and a large number of mug shots, effectively demonstrating to the public that police are doing their jobs.

Report: Marijuana use up, cocaine down in Portland, other cities

Marijuana use is growing among men arrested in Portland, Oregon, and nine other major U.S. cities, but fewer are using cocaine, according to the annual report of a federal drug monitoring program. The 2011 Arrestee Drug Abuse Monitoring Annual Report, which tracks drug use among arrestees, also says that marijuana is the most commonly used illegal substance.

Oregon transportation official pushing for tougher DUII laws

A former police officer who now coordinates the Oregon Department of Transportation's impaired driving program is pushing for tougher DUII laws that would include any substance that impairs drivers, including prescription drugs. She says that abuse of these medications is an increasing problem in the state, but drivers affected by them currently aren't charged with a DUII.

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