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Miranda warnings are lost in translation for Spanish speakers

Following a spate of high-profile arrests of Mexican immigrants, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in 2013 that police must provide a Spanish translation when reading the Miranda rights to non-English speaking immigrants. The court also ruled that the translation must be correct and intelligible.

Determining the right criminal defense strategy

As a pervious post highlighted, some criminal offenders might seek to take measures to clear their criminal history. While taking the step to have a criminal conviction expunged could greatly benefit an offender, this process is not available for all criminal charges. Therefore, those accused of criminal charges should take the appropriate steps to fully understand their defense strategies no matter the severity of the charges.

How do you get a conviction expunged in Oregon?

Having a criminal history is not something residents in Oregon and elsewhere desire. However, when individuals are convicted of a criminal charge, he or she will have to suffer the consequences associated with the charges. A criminal record could mean personal and professional consequences such as difficulties obtaining a job, housing or financial aid for school. Therefore, it is important to consider options that could alleviate or reduce the impacts a criminal charge could have.

Protect your rights before an arrest

In Oregon as elsewhere, in some instances people are arrested immediately after some event has taken place. For example, a fight may immediately lead to assault charges. However, there are also many situations where police undertake an investigation before an arrest is made. In these cases, police may gather evidence from a variety of sources in order to get the information they need to bring charges.

Can individuals lose their right to own a gun under federal law?

People may be aware that they can be charged with crimes at both the federal and state level. In either case, there are specific penalties that can be assigned. These penalties can include jail time and fines, but they can also include the loss of certain civil rights. These rights can include the right to own or possess a firearm.

Restoring federal civil rights after a state conviction

People may think that the penalties for crimes only consist of jail or fines, but that is not true. Individuals can face a variety of serious consequences when charged with a criminal offense. These consequences can include the loss of the right to own or possess firearms, losing the right to vote and others. People can also be left with a criminal record which can result in the loss of job opportunities and housing options.

Oregon residents can restore their gun rights

There are many penalties associated with a criminal conviction in Oregon. Some of these penalties can be an inconvenience while others can have a large impact on a person's life. One such penalty is the loss of the right to own or possess a firearm. In some situations, however, it may be possible to restore these gun rights.

What is the difference between a violation and a crime in Oregon?

In Oregon, not every interaction with a police officer will result in criminal charges. If people are cited for some offense in Oregon, not every charge is necessarily equal. There are many different ways that crimes are classified within the state. It is important for individuals to understand these classifications in order to best combat the charges. People also need to know what is at stake when they are facing criminal charges.

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