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Criminal investigations should never be taken lightly

Criminal charges rarely appear out of nowhere. They are the product of a criminal investigation that has been opened for one reason or another. After opening a case, police officers, federal agents or other law enforcement officials will begin to investigate the situation. From the moment that the investigation has been started, they will begin to form opinions about a particular suspect.

Can you lose your car after an Oregon shooting?

In a recent case highlighted on this blog, an Oregon man has been accused of several weapons charges after allegedly being involved in a shooting. Weapon charges, like the ones the man faces in that case, can be very serious. Not only do charges like felony possession of a weapon include penalties like prison time, they can also have civil consequences.

We can help Oregonians understand felony charges

From the moment an Oregon resident is arrested, police are gathering evidence against them. In fact, police may have evidence that they could use against a person, even before an arrest is made. This evidence can be used in court to get a conviction that would lead to serious criminal penalties. As police obtain evidence against a person, there is no one looking out for that person's own interests.

What is an Oregon criminal conspiracy?

When Oregonians think about being charged with a crime, they likely think about charges for an actual crime that has been committed. However, there is another category of crimes called conspiracy. In a recent blog post, this blog discussed the case of an Oregon man that was charged with criminal conspiracy to commit murder. This may have left you questioning -- what is Oregon criminal conspiracy?

Men face felony charges for alleged Portland shooting

Of all the different types of felony charges, murder charges are some of the most serious in Portland. The penalties associated with felony murder charges far outweigh many other types of crimes. Charges of this nature are often taken very seriously by police and prosecutors. Therefore, investigations can take months or years before charges are actually brought.

Don't fight felony charges without help

Many Oregon residents are fiercely independent. People pride themselves on being able to handle their own affairs in their own way. They don't like to rely on others for help, but want to make their own way in the world. These are often admirable qualities and something to strive for. However, when it comes to criminal charges -- particularly felonies -- going it alone can be dangerous.

Drivers required to report car accidents in Oregon

Driving a car is a big responsibility in Oregon. If people do not take the job seriously, they could cause a car accident. However, beyond an accident, people can also face criminal charges for a variety of car-related violations. These go beyond a simple traffic ticket for breaking traffic laws. Instead, these charges can include felony charges for hit-and-run with injuries, reckless driving, driving without a license, drunk driving and others. In some cases, there are ways to avoid serious charges following a traffic issue.

Car accidents and felony charges in Oregon

When people think of legal consequences for a car accident, they might think about a traffic ticket. Maybe they get a speeding ticket, or a ticket for failing to signal or some other minor traffic violation. However, Oregon residents should know that there are a variety of serious charges that can follow a car accident. Even when a person is not intoxicated, if they do not follow certain rules, felony charges can follow.

Portland teen faces charges for alleged hit-and-run

When a person gets behind the wheel of a car in Oregon, the person is taking on a big responsibility. Not only are people responsible for their own safety, but also for the safety of others. If a car accident occurs, a driver may face criminal charges under certain circumstances. In particular, if a person is involved in a hit-and-run involving injuries, criminal charges can follow.

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