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April 2012 Archives

Former Oregon State basketballer arrested again on drug charges

Many people who engage in drug activity have a false sense of security when it comes to their risk of getting into legal trouble. Particularly among those who regularly possess or manufacture small amounts of drugs, there's often an assumption that police and the courts are only interested in pursuing high-level drug crimes. But no one should consider themselves under the radar when it comes to enforcement of drug laws in Oregon.

Driver sent to prison for Oregon DUII crash that killed passenger

Often when we think of drunk-driving accidents that injure or kill someone, we think first of the victim, followed by the wrong committed by the driver. Most cases are multi-faceted, though, affecting many more people than just the driver and victim.

Oregon school administrator rises above drunk-driving arrest

If you've been accused of a drunk-driving offense, you may have serious concerns about how a conviction could affect your future. Whether you were convicted years ago or arrested over the past weekend, your concerns are legitimate and not to be taken lightly. But the incident doesn't have to ruin the rest of your life.

Convicted of DUII in Oregon? Take a breath before driving

A state law that took effect at the beginning of this month requires anyone convicted of driving under the influence of intoxicants to have an ignition interlock device installed in their car. The length of time required primarily depends on the number of drunk-driving convictions on your record.

Portland protesters 'occupy' courtrooms to prove unjust arrests

Dozens of protesters arrested during Occupy Portland marches are filling Oregon courtrooms, vowing to stick out a tough fight over their First Amendment rights, which they say were violated when the protesters were charged with various misdemeanors. Prosecutors have called for the dismissal of the more serious charges in order to clear the court calendar, but some of the protesters have asked a judge not to allow the dismissal. They want a jury trial to prove they were well within their rights to protest peacefully.

Oregon woman arrested after being followed by citizen

When people who have been drinking or consuming drugs make the choice to drive afterwards, they often attempt to protect themselves by keeping an eye out for police vehicles. Many who choose to drive under the influence assume they're safe to do so as long as they don't encounter an officer who can arrest them. This behavior is not only risky, but also not fool-proof, as an Oregon woman recently discovered.

Oregon man charged with DUII in fatal Easter morning wreck

Although anyone can expect to face charges if they're accused by police of driving drunk, the penalties are obviously much more severe in cases where someone else has died. Depending on the circumstances of the incident and a judge or jury's response to them, a motorist convicted in Oregon of driving under the influence of intoxicants in connection with a fatal crash could face a significant prison sentence.

Oregon's self-defense law similar to "stand your ground" rule

Amid all of the controversy surrounding the Trayvon Martin shooting, some Oregon residents might be wondering what their own state's laws are concerning self-defense. If you feel threatened, do you have the right to use deadly force against another person? Although the recent shooting in Florida has deeply divided some communities with opposing opinions on the topic, the law is all that matters in a criminal defense case.

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