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Man charged with felonies after running from Oregon police

No one wants to get in trouble with the police. People often understand that any police contact can lead to an arrest record, criminal charges and serious potential penalties. In some cases, people's initial reaction may be to run from the police to avoid an arrest. This is often not a good idea and can lead to additional felonies for Oregon residents.

4 Oregon men arrested for sex crimes following internet video

A lot of peoples' lives are on the Internet. With so many different ways to share information and connect with other people, personal details are often posted somewhere online. However, in some situations there is a fine line between sharing personal information and criminal activity.

Oregon indicts man following police shooting

Despite being shot by police, a 48-year-old man faces several criminal charges. According to police, the man had recently gone on a multiple state crime spree which included both Oregon and Washington. In Marion County court, the man has been indicted on several felonies -- felon in possession of a firearm, unlawful use of a weapon and giving false evidence to police.

Felony theft charges for Oregon Girl Scout troop leader

When people think about felony charges they may think about violent crimes, murder, weapons charges or drug charges. However, many misdemeanor crimes have corresponding felonies which can apply under certain circumstances. Take shoplifting for example. In some cases, theft is only a misdemeanor charge. However, if the amount stolen is high enough, or other factors are present, the charges can be increased to a felony.

Woman charged with additional felonies after murder-for-hire plot

A Portland woman is facing additional criminal charges after attempting to hire someone to murder witnesses for her already pending criminal case. She has been charged with several felonies including four counts of attempted aggravated murder and five counts of solicitation of aggravated murder.

Oregon priest pleads guilty to sex crime

An Oregon priest currently awaits sentencing on several felony charges. He recently pleaded guilty a sex crime -- first-degree sexual abuse. In Oregon, the minimum sentence for first-degree sexual abuse is six years, but he could face additional time for a driving while intoxicated charge and for a furnishing alcohol to a minor charge.

Road rage leads to felony charges for one Oregon woman

Some people may think that felony charges only arise as the result of intentional conduct. They may think that those accused of felonies have created a thought out plan prior to a crime being committed. However, this is often not the case. Many times felonies -- like assault or weapons charges -- may be committed in the heat of the moment or completely by mistake. In any case, the penalties for committing a felony in Oregon are severe.

Man turns himself into Portland police -- charged with felonies

When a person is charged with a serious crime, many different things can happen. In some cases, the person may be arrested right away. In other situations, police may arrest a person following an investigation or search. In one recent Portland case, the person turned himself into the police and was arrested forfelonies.

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