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Portland man accused of theft charges after alleged shoplifting

During this busy shopping season, many Oregonians are out and about doing their holiday shopping. During this time, some Oregonians may face charges for suspected shoplifting. These charges are serious and can result in jail time, fines and other penalties.

Aggravated harassment in Oregon

Sometimes animosity can occur between Oregon residents and police officers. Although negative interactions between the police and residents can occur at any time, they often occur while a person is being arrested. While it might be natural for someone to lash out at a police officer during the course of an arrest, people should understand that there can be serious criminal penalties for taking aggressive action against any officer, at any time.

How does a firearm change felony charges in Oregon?

A crime can occur under any set of circumstances, and the circumstances can vary based on a number of important factors. The specific situation in which a crime occurs will become very important during the criminal proceedings. In Oregon, the factors surrounding criminal behavior are often taken into account when a court determines a person's punishment.

10 people arrested in internet sex crime scheme in Oregon

Police throughout Oregon frequently conduct undercover investigations to find people who are supposedly breaking the law. Undercover investigations can often lead to criminal charges for anyone caught by police. In recent years, many of these investigations have involved the internet. In some cases, police pretend to be other people in order to get Oregon residents to commit a crime. Oftentimes, these online undercover investigations involve sexual conduct. In particular, the situations can involve police trying to get people to admit to sexual behavior that is illegal.

Computer crimes require a strong criminal defense

Computers are an important part of most people's lives. People use computers for everything from work to play and from researching to socializing. Many Oregon residents may feel like they have all the knowledge they need about computers, the internet and technology. They may feel like they have nothing left to learn. They also may feel like computers offer a certain amount of protection, particularly online. Since the internet can be fairly anonymous, people may act differently than they would in person. In turn, people may engage in behavior that they otherwise would avoid if in the public eye.

What are cyber crimes?

The internet opens up a whole new world of exploration for many people. Oregon residents can virtually visit any place or anyone. The internet can be used to learn more about nearly any topic in a short amount of time.

Internet post leads to arrest of Portland man

The internet has changed many Oregonians' lives for the better. It has given people access to people and things all around the world. It has also, through social media, connected people to social networks far beyond their local community. Sometimes, people turn to these social networks to vent or post about their frustrations. Whether or not people intend to act on what they talk about online, people can face serious criminal charges for internet posts.

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