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Criminal defense strategies and the truth

No two people will ever view the same event in the exact same way. Even when two people see the same thing, their accounts about what happened can be very different. In the context of criminal charges, this can often lead to debates about the "truth." Prosecutors will have their story and those accused of criminal behavior will have theirs.

In these situations, the burden of proof is on the prosecutors. This means that prosecutors must show, beyond a reasonable doubt, that their version of the story is correct. People facing criminal charges, therefore, may be tempted to sit back and allow prosecutors to tell their side of the story without ever explaining their version of the truth.

However, in some cases, a person's criminal defense strategy may need to include telling the truth about what happened. Doing this can give the defendant some control over the situation. With the help of a skilled attorney, people can tell their version of the facts. By doing this, people have the opportunity to explain the events from their perspective. They also can garner support and sympathy from a judge or jury.

Additionally, admitting to the truth can make way for a legal justification for a particular crime. For example, people may need to admit to some portion of a crime in order to present a proper justification for what happened.

Oregon residents, however, need to be aware that everything they say can be used against them. Therefore, people need to be extremely careful when crafting a criminal defense strategy. Even during criminal investigations, speaking to police or other investigators can lead to a conviction. Therefore, it's important to have the guidance of an attorney.

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