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August 2013 Archives

People must understand marijuana laws in Oregon

Most Oregon residents know that Oregon has more lenient drug possession laws than other areas of the country. In fact, Oregon was the first state in the U.S. to decriminalize marijuana possession. These facts may confuse some people and lead them to believe that it is alright to carry marijuana anywhere in Oregon. However, the truth is that people can still face serious consequences -- including low-level drug charges -- for possessing marijuana.

Improper criminal investigation leads to suit

Criminal investigations can be intense. They can intrude on every part of a person's life. Often times these investigations can continue for some time which can end up negatively effecting people's jobs, families and social lives. Sometimes, these criminal investigations lead to criminal charges, however, sometimes law enforcement officials do not find what they are searching for.

Man faces felony charge for car accident

Whether a person has a criminal record or not can be very important. A criminal record can make it difficult for a person to find stable employment or good housing. In some cases, a criminal record can preclude a person from voting or from owning a firearm. These restrictions can keep people from living the life that they want. In addition to these challenges, a criminal record can result in more serious criminal charges and more severe penalties if someone is charged with another crime in the future.

Oregon man injured in accident -- charged with DUII

Recently, an Oregon driver was pulled from his burning vehicle before being charged with drunk driving. According to police, the 43-year-old man was driving late one evening when he came to a T-intersection. Instead of turning left or right, police say the man drove straight through the intersection where he eventually hit an ODOT sign and continued down an embankment. The man's car eventually came to a stop nearly 50 feet from the roadway near a local creek. At this point, police allege that the man's car started on fire.

Oregon man arrested for nearly hitting police officers with car

People do not often think about traffic violations as crimes. Most of the time traffic citations are merely violations that result in a small fine or other minimal penalty. However, traffic violations can lead to misdemeanor charges in certain situations. When people are charged with a misdemeanor they can face much more serious penalties. In Oregon, misdemeanors can result in fines of up to $6,250 and up to a year in jail. These penalties can have a serious effect on a person's immediate and long-term futures.

Portland woman accused of theft faces 17 felony charges

When people think of felony charges, they often think about very serious crimes. These crimes include sex crimes, felony drug charges and violent crimes. Many people probably do not think about theft -- especially pick pocketing -- as being a felony. However, under the right circumstances, Oregonians who have stolen from another can face felonies and very serious penalties.

NBA star, Portland native faces charges for "stomping" man

Building up a professional career often starts at a young age. One of the key ingredients to success is a good reputation. While building up a solid reputation can take years, destroying one can take mere moments. Perhaps one of the biggest threats to one's reputation is a criminal charge.

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