Unlawful Use of a Firearm

In Oregon, unlawful use of a weapon is a Class C felony punishable by up to five years in prison. Simply stated, under ORS 166.220, you can be charged with this crime if:

  • You use a weapon against someone or carry it with the intent to use it against someone.
  • You discharge a weapon at a person or an object within range of the weapon in a municipality. (There are some exceptions to this provision.)

ORS 166.220 applies not just to guns, but also other weapons such as bows and arrows, blow guns, crossbows and explosive weapons.

Prosecutors in Oregon can and do seek convictions for the crime of unlawful use of a weapon. If you have been charged, you cannot rely on the mercy of the court or the goodwill of the prosecutor. You need effective defense representation as soon as possible.

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Aggressive Gun Crime Defense Attorneys Serving Oregon

Short Law Group is a team of experienced criminal defense attorneys who fight for the rights and freedom of people facing weapons charges. We devote a large part of our practice to gun rights and firearms issues and are committed to obtaining the best possible result for every client. We will aggressively represent you at all stages of the legal process.

Defenses Against Unlawful Use of a Weapon Charges

To gain a conviction, the state must prove every element of its case. At Short Law Group, we believe that success comes from thorough analysis of legal and factual issues, careful case preparation, and effective advocacy in court.

When representing you, we will review the evidence and determine the optimal defense strategy. The answers to questions such as these could lead to a positive outcome:

  • Can the state prove your "intent" to use a weapon?
  • Did you have knowledge that someone or something was in range of the weapon?
  • Was the person or object actually in range of the weapon?
  • Were you defending life or property when you discharged the weapon?

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