Experienced Federal Crime Defense Attorneys

Prison, fines, ruined personal and professional reputations, separation from your family, strict parole conditions upon your release, damaged employment prospects — these are just a few of the harsh penalties that await you if you are convicted of a federal crime in Oregon.

Now, the good news. We are Short Law Group, bringing more than 25 years of experience to the aggressive protection of your rights in state and federal courts. Our criminal defense legal team has successfully defended clients facing a broad range of criminal charges — from minor theft and drug charges to drunk driving and Measure 11 attempted murder.

Our lawyers are well-versed in misdemeanor and felony cases and always vigorously defend clients' rights and best interests.

The peace of mind you need — the kind that only a skilled defense attorney can provide — is as close as your phone, from wherever you are in Oregon: 503-747-7198. If you need us to meet you at a police station, courthouse or jail to conduct your free initial consultation, we can arrange to do that.

Fighting for Your Rights

Count on aggressive representation and keen client commitment if you have been investigated for or arrested on serious federal charges such as:

  • Fraud — real estate, mail and wire, insurance, health care, bank, mortgage, prescription drug, securities and others
  • Drug crimes — drug possession, intent to sell, manufacturing or distribution of drugs
  • Qui tam and whistleblower actions
  • Computer and Internet crimes — child pornography, identity theft
  • RICO violations
  • Tax evasion
  • Federal weapons charges

Short Law Group also advises witnesses and targets of grand jury investigations, working hard to minimize any negative consequences.

Get Legal Help Today

If you are facing criminal charges and are under investigation, it is important to hire legal representation that can immediately start building your defense. From the start of our association, we will counsel you on appropriate courses of action with the courts, law enforcement and the prosecution. Under Oregon and federal law, anything and everything you say to the police or other law enforcement authorities can be used against you. You could be under surveillance, being recorded, tracked or entrapped. It is important to seek legal counsel and representation before making any statements.

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