Clearing Your Criminal Record in Oregon

Misdemeanor or felony convictions lead to the creation of a criminal record for an individual, a legal ramification that can inhibit employment opportunities and the ability to obtain loans and affect living situations. Even if your conviction was dropped or dismissed by the district attorney or judge, the record of the arrest alone can have a major impact on your life.

After a certain number of years, many individuals seek to clear their criminal records to improve their quality of life. To clear records, however, several requirements must be met. Short Law Group in Portland can help you understand and meet those requirements.

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Criminal Record Expungement Attorneys

To qualify for an expungement, there are often certain requirements, including:

  • Having no additional incidents
  • Having no more than a specific number of prior charges
  • The nature of the conviction not being considered too serious
  • Completion of probation without any incident
  • Completion of all terms of any sentence

Our Portland metropolitan area expungement attorneys have an in-depth knowledge and understanding of criminal law and are experienced with handling expungements in many varied circumstances for individuals throughout Oregon.

Short Law Group has handled expungements of numerous misdemeanor and felony crimes, including felony marijuana charges and other drug crimes.

In addition to ensuring that our clients meet the criteria for expungements, we conduct a thorough investigation of their current legal status and work toward having prior arrests and convictions expunged.

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