Charged with Theft or Embezzlement? We Can Defend You.

Are you being investigated for misappropriating, or embezzling, funds at your Oregon business?

Have you been arrested for some form of theft — burglary, counterfeiting, fraud or shoplifting?

We have the investigative skills, aggressive advocacy and client commitment that can put this crisis behind you. We are the Short Law Group in Portland and Salem — experienced criminal defense lawyers who are dedicated to protecting your rights.

Theft typically implies the illegal taking of money, a car, someone's identity or property. Embezzlement is a term used in a business context, generally — a misuse of funds to benefit an individual, and actions to disguise the deception. Either offense carries harsh punishments upon conviction: incarceration, fines, restitution and a criminal record that future employers and mortgage lenders will frown upon.

Don't delay selecting the right attorney while prosecutors build a case against you. Timing is essential for the protection of your rights. Call the Short Law Group to speak with us, free of charge. 503-747-7198.

Skilled Defense Lawyers with More Than 25 years of Combined Experience

Case preparation and investigation of reasons for your theft charge are vital to the safeguarding of your interests. Our criminal defense attorneys dig deep for any sign that police overstepped their bounds when arresting you for grand theft, auto theft, retail theft, bribery, burglary, robbery and any kind of fraud.

Involving the Short Law Group in your embezzlement case early on is essential to the possibility of an out-of-court settlement with your employer. We can also negotiate with prosecutors to have your embezzlement charges dropped before the case goes to court. We make you aware of every applicable law, every fact, every detail along the way, and we always respond honestly and thoroughly to your questions.

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