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Being charged with a Measure 11 offense is serious. Not every attorney is qualified to handle Measure 11 cases, but our team of legal professionals at Short Law Group has handled numerous Measure 11 cases.

Measure 11 was passed through referendum by Oregon voters in 1994 and governs mandatory prison sentences for certain violent crimes. The law sets a minimum mandatory sentence from 70 to 300 months in prison for 25 violent crimes, including:

A Measure 11 sentence typically cannot be affected or altered by a judge, and convicted offenders are ineligible for early parole and/or reduced sentences for good behavior. It is critical that you seek counsel and representation from an attorney with a wealth of experience in Measure 11 cases to work to reduce the mandatory prison sentence.

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Our team of legal professionals consists of experienced criminal defense attorneys with in-depth understanding and knowledge of criminal law and how the prosecution prepares its cases. Short Law Group has experience representing numerous people facing Measure 11 charges, mitigating ramifications and obtaining the best possible results for our clients.

With an experienced lawyer, it is possible to remove the Measure 11 status from the crime and, instead, obtain a lower charge.

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