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Portland man charged with possession of heroin, other drugs

Drug charges are serious legal matters that can impose significant hardships on the lives of Portland residents. A single conviction for a drug-based offense can mar a person's record and stand between him and better employment and other positive opportunities. For this reason, individuals who must confront criminal drug charges often enlist the help of experienced criminal defense attorneys.

Making a strong defense following a drug offense

A criminal record can be a very daunting situation. Having a serious drug offense conviction on your record will likely impact your personal and professional life. It might not only be challenging to obtain and maintain employment, but also housing prospects may be limited due to a criminal background. In some ways, the damage caused is irreversible, making it essential for an accused person to initiate a defense as soon as charges are filed against them.

Salem Police Department arrest 10 in major drug bust

There are several possible serious charges when it comes to illegal drugs. Individuals in Oregon could face allegations following a search of their home, vehicle or person. If it is determined that an accused offender is involved in a drug operation, it is likely that multiple people will be charged. Additionally, this also likely means that a large quantity of drugs was recovered and other evidence indicates that the defendants charged with a drug crime are in the business of manufacturing, selling or distributing an illegal substance.

How much medical marijuana can Oregon residents have?

Marijuana use is seen in a lot of different ways across the United States. For some individuals, they believe use of marijuana should be legal in all situations. While others, believe that it should be illegal for adults that want to use the drug. While all states grapple with these issues, Oregon has its own complicated set of marijuana laws. Under these laws, individuals may use marijuana in certain situations without criminal consequences.

Affirmative defenses to marijuana charges in Oregon

People in Oregon may not see marijuana use as a serious offense. However, marijuana charges can be brought in a variety of different situations. Individuals who are facing drug charges of any kind should understand their criminal defense options. There are situations where individuals may be able to raise an affirmative defense about why they have or are using otherwise illegal drugs.

Swiftly combat drug charges in Oregon

When police learn that people in Oregon are involved in using or selling drugs, they act very quickly. Whether they start investigation, undercover work, obtain a warrant or take some other action, the police immediately begin to create a case against an individual suspected of drug law violations. Police do not take allegations of drug use or drug sales lightly.

What are the minimum sentences for federal drug charges?

Individuals in Oregon can face criminal charges for a variety of reasons. Most of their conduct will result in state charges. However, there are certain areas where the federal government also can bring charges against an individual. One of these cases is with drug charges. When a person faces federal drug trafficking charges, the individual is subject to federal penalties.

Police officer faces drug charges for alleged sale of marijuana

In Oregon, drug crimes are treated seriously by the authorities. No matter who is accused of selling drugs, criminal charges can follow. When people face drug-crime allegations, there can be serious consequences to the person's immediate future. Individuals can face social and financial consequences as a result of a drug arrest. These consequences can increase further if a person is eventually convicted on the drug charges. Drug charges can result in lengthy prison sentences, larges fines and a permanent criminal record.

Delivering imitation drugs in Oregon

Oregon residents may understand that it is not legal to deliver controlled substances within the state. In fact, there are a variety of serious laws that prohibit the sale or distribution of certain drugs within the state. These include cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, marijuana and more. There are serious penalties associated with the sale, use and transfer of these controlled substances in Oregon.

Oregon penalties for delivering methamphetamine

In Oregon, anyone who is facing drug charges needs to understand the entire scope of the situation form the alleged crime itself to the potential penalties to other nuances in the process. For example, a charge of possessing the drugs with the intent to distribute will have different consequences depending on where it is to be delivered. If the arrest was within 1,000 feet of a school, there will be harsher penalties in the event that the arrest results in a conviction. This is one of many reasons why anyone charged with a crime involving drugs needs to formulate a strong defense from the start.

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