Federal Firearms License Defense Attorneys

Holders of federal firearms licenses (FFL) are subject to intense scrutiny by the ATF. In the course of its work, this agency reviews more than 1 million firearms transactions per year. ATF also conducts annual inspections of FFL holders. If ATF uncovers any irregularity, it could put the firearms dealer's license at risk.

If you have received a warning letter or been asked to attend an informal warning conference or a report of violations has been issued, you need effective legal representation as soon as possible.

For aggressive FFL defense in Oregon, turn to Short Law Group. We work tenaciously to defend the licenses and rights of all types of FFL holders, including dealers, collectors, pawnbrokers, manufacturers and importers.

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How We Can Help

Short Law Group provides results-oriented representation for FFL holders facing allegations of:

  • Failure to conduct background checks
  • Failure to keep proper records
  • Sale of guns to prohibited persons
  • Failure to report multiple sales of guns
  • Abetting straw buyers
  • Illegal sale or transfer of Class 3 firearms

ATF does not "settle" such cases prior to hearings. An FFL revocation action will result in a dismissal before the hearing or an agreed upon revocation or it will proceed to the hearing phase.

When representing you, our goal will be to achieve positive results in a timely manner. Whenever possible, this means attempting to obtain a dismissal before the hearing, by providing clarifying information to ATF. Alternatively, we will aggressively defend your license in the hearing or in federal court.

Even an inadvertent violation of federal gun laws can result in the suspension or revocation of your FFL or in criminal charges. As experienced criminal trial lawyers, we understand what is at stake in such cases. Short Law Group will fight for your license and seek to minimize any fines or civil penalties you face.

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