Driver's License Restoration

Following a DUII arrest or failure to provide a breath, blood or urine sample, your driver's license will be suspended, unless you contest the suspension. If you are convicted for a third (or subsequent) DUII, your license will be permanently revoked. You can also lose your driver's license for accumulating five traffic citations within two years, failure to appear in court, failure to pay child support and numerous other offenses.

Losing your driving privileges is more than a petty annoyance. Losing your license can make it difficult, if not impossible, to earn a living. And lack of a driver's license will greatly inconvenience you and other members of your family.

Short Law Group is a firm that works hard to restore the driving privileges of people whose licenses have been suspended and revoked. We understand the many complex aspects of these cases and argue successfully in DMV hearings and in court.

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Representation in DMV Hearings

You have only 10 days from the date of your DUII arrest to request a hearing before an administrative officer contesting the suspension of your license. You can request a hearing at

Our lawyers vigorously defend people arrested for DUII in both DMV administrative hearings and in criminal DUII proceedings. In the DMV hearing, we can challenge the basis for the stop, arrest, field sobriety tests, or breath test, and if successful, we can prevent the automatic suspension of your license. This possibility is enhanced if the police officer fails to show up at the hearing or provides testimony that contradicts paperwork or other facts.

Driver's License Restoration Hearings in Court

People whose licenses have been permanently revoked because of multiple DUII convictions, habitual traffic offender status or other reasons must go to court to seek the restoration of their driving privileges. While Oregon courts recognize the need for people to drive to get to work, get medical care and provide for their children's needs, they will not automatically restore a person's driving privileges. They will consider factors such as the degree of violence in the events leading to the revocation, your behavior before and after your arrest, a possible a psychological evaluation and other information.

Our firm can take your case to court, presenting evidence regarding your rehabilitation, your character, and other facts that justify the restoration of your license.

Lost Your License? Don't Give Up Hope

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