Contesting Stalking/Restraining Orders

Many times, the mere suggestion that a person is guilty of stalking, violating a restraining order or any form of domestic abuse is enough to land that person in jail. A criminal defense attorney who has experience with domestic violence cases can aggressively protect the rights of the accused.

At Short Law Group in Portland and Salem, our lawyers have safeguarded the interests of criminal defendants for more than 25 years combined. We know the justice system, those who enforce the laws and those who adjudicate them in Oregon courts. We investigate, negotiate and litigate with equal proficiency. When you are unfairly accused of stalking or protective order violations, our law firm will be there beside you throughout the legal process.

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In Oregon, a stalking protective order is a permanent court action that becomes a part of your permanent record with law enforcement. From this point on, a prospective employer will be able to find this piece of personal history on any background check performed on you. Access to your children may be limited. You could be denied the right to own a firearm.

We will work to have your stalking protective order vacated or removed. Case law allows us to do that if conditions pertaining to the original order no longer exist. Whatever the charge, whatever the outcome, at the end of the process, you will know that your rights were protected.

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