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Oregon laws may not define a crime in every situation

Over the last couple decades, technology has made great leaps. Computers are smaller, phones are wireless, cameras are everywhere and it's all relatively cheap. With this technology, society has changed. People are more connected. A person's every move can be tracked and recorded by social media. Events are documented by cell phone cameras and high quality video. For many, this technology has been a welcomed change. However, some in Oregon are calling for stricter laws to protect people against the misuse of technology.

Rules for medical marijuana retailers being established in Oregon

The legal code in Oregon is immense and complicated. People who have not been specially trained in the laws of the state may have a very difficult time understanding everything that is required of them in a particular situation. Sometimes, even small facts and details can make a big difference -- especially in a criminal case. During a criminal investigation, police are trained to look for these small details to find every possible criminal charge. They know what details are important and could be important evidence in court.

Court drops charges against Oregon woman

Portland police are human and make mistakes. Not everyone who has been accused of committing a crime is actually guilty -- far from it. However, without the right criminal defense from the beginning of a criminal case, people can be found guilty even if they are actually innocent. And other times, criminal defense strategies can explain why a crime had to be committed and why a person should not face criminal punishments.

Charges dropped against former Portland resident

In state and federal court, Oregon residents have the right to present an aggressive criminal defense. In this defense, people should present evidence of their innocence. This may be employing defense strategies such as self-defense or insanity, or it could be evidence showing why it could not have been them who committed the crime. The specific criminal defense strategy will change depending on the specific facts and charges in each case.

Eye-witness testimony not as accurate as many in Oregon think

Most people do and see a lot of things during the day. Oregon residents are busy and many are constantly on the go. People may not always be paying attention to the details around them. When a crime occurs, these details can be very important in determining what happened and how. In most cases, people do not know which details are going to be important until after the crime occurs. Despite the fact that someone was present during a particular situation, they may not have noticed every important aspect.

Employment issues can arise following an arrest in Oregon

People may not realize how many rights they have available to them when they have been arrested for a crime. They have the right to remain silent, the right to have an attorney present during police questioning and the right to be treated as innocent until proven guilty. These rights are all important in defending against both felony and misdemeanor crimes.

Improper criminal investigation leads to suit

Criminal investigations can be intense. They can intrude on every part of a person's life. Often times these investigations can continue for some time which can end up negatively effecting people's jobs, families and social lives. Sometimes, these criminal investigations lead to criminal charges, however, sometimes law enforcement officials do not find what they are searching for.

NBA star, Portland native faces charges for "stomping" man

Building up a professional career often starts at a young age. One of the key ingredients to success is a good reputation. While building up a solid reputation can take years, destroying one can take mere moments. Perhaps one of the biggest threats to one's reputation is a criminal charge.

Oregon court expands warrantless searches of vehicles

This blog often highlights the importance of an aggressive criminal defense for Oregonians who are facing criminal charges. With the correct defense strategy people can go on to have happy and successful lives following criminal allegations. By presenting a criminal defense people can show that they are innocent of the crime they are accused of. Furthermore, a proper criminal defense will also question the police's conduct during a criminal investigation, the arrest and subsequent questioning.

Oregon debates lowering criminal penalties

The criminal code in Oregon is changing all the time -- new laws are added, old laws are repealed and penalties are changed. With all these changes, criminal defense strategies are also constantly changing in order to make sure that people are not being wrongfully convicted of serious crimes. Those accused of crimes in Oregon -- especially of felony crimes -- should make sure they understand the charges against them and any possible criminal defenses in order to ensure the best possible outcome to their case.

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