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Traffic stop result in DUII and drug charges for Portland woman

Police in Portland closely monitor drivers to make sure that they are following traffic rules. While this keeps people safe, it can also result in criminal charges for others. Driving under the influence of intoxicants is a common charge against are drivers. When people are suspected of DUII they face a variety of serious legal consequences. In some cases, DUII charges can be the tip of the iceberg for Portland drivers.

State senator proposes sobriety checkpoints for Oregon

Oregon police have a variety of weapons in their arsenal when it comes to stopping drunk driving. They have patrols, breath tests, blood tests, field sobriety tests and more. However, in Oregon it has been illegal to use sobriety check points to identify drunk drivers. In 1987, a constitutional amendment was passed that outlawed the process. However, more than 30 other states use checkpoints as a way to search for and stop drunk drivers.

Field sobriety testing measures

When police suspect that a person has been driving under the influence, there are a variety of tests that police can choose to perform to confirm their suspicions. One common test is the field sobriety test. While people may have visions of people touching their noses or saying the alphabet backwards from popular culture, the truth is actually a little different. Field sobriety tests are sophisticated tests based in science to that help to show if a person has been drinking or not.

Rollover accident leads to DUI charges for Portland man

A car accident in Oregon will often lead to an investigation by police. They police will try to determine why the accident occurred. If they believe that alcohol was a factor in the incident, the driver or drivers could face criminal charges for driving under the influence.

Implied consent and field sobriety tests in Oregon

In order to make an arrest for driving under the influence, Portland police must have evidence that the person is intoxicated. To gather this evidence, police will often perform one or more blood alcohol content level tests. These tests can include breath tests, blood tests or field sobriety tests. Unlike breath tests or blood tests, a field sobriety test cannot read the exact amount of alcohol in a person's blood. Instead, the test measures certain behaviors and reactions that can suggest that a person has been drinking.

Portland police officer arrested on suspicion of drunk driving

Police in Portland, Oregon, will arrest anyone they believe is driving under the influence. As a recent case shows, this also includes members of their own force. According to police, a 43-year-old sergeant with the Portland Police Department was recently arrested for DUI. Police claim that the arrest took place after the man supposedly crashed his 2014 Jetta into a yard, fence and fire hydrant, causing $5,000 worth of damage on 190th Drive at around 10:00 a.m.

Two same day car crashes result in DUII charges

Washington County, Oregon recently saw two separate car accidents that led to DUII charges for the drivers. According to police, the first accident occurred when a 26-year-old man lost control over his pickup truck. The accident allegedly took place around 4:05 p.m. on Hornecker Road near Cornelius. In the accident, police say, the truck left the roadway and flipped at least once, injuring a passenger. In this case, the driver was charged with fourth-degree assault and DUII. In the second accident, the 25-year-old driver was charged with DUII after he also lost control over a pickup truck. This accident happened around two hours after the first crash, near Gaston. Police say the truck rolled over after the driver lost control. Nobody was injured in that accident. It is unclear why police believe that either driver was drunk at the time of the accidents. To make claims, like these, police must have hard evidence of intoxication. This can include a failed field sobriety test or a blood alcohol test -- including a breath test or blood test -- with a reading over .08 percent.

Legalized marijuana may increase risk for DUI in Portland

Many Oregon residents understand the dangers and the consequences of driving under the influence of alcohol. People understand how alcohol can impair a person's judgment and make driving dangerous. However, many people have different views about the recreational use of marijuana. People may not associate marijuana use and driving under the influence.

Portland man's DUI overturned due to improper search and seizure

When a driver is stopped by authorities, they should be aware of their rights and what forms of questioning and tests they could be asked to comply with. If an officer suspects that a driver is under the influence of alcohol, the driver could face a DUI if the officer establishes the proper evidence to place them under arrest. If authorities do not properly carryout the procedures of a DUI stop or a drunk driving arrest, the driver could use this evidence in their defense against the pending charges.

Oregon police make DUI arrests during Memorial Day weekend

For many people, Memorial Day welcomes the unofficial start of summer. Many people celebrate with vacations, barbeques and other parties. In some cases alcohol can be involved in the festivities. While summer is often a welcome change for people, drinking and driving is an easy mistake to make as people are focused on the fun and not their own blood alcohol content level.

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