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Oregon men face drug trafficking charges

While views on marijuana are rapidly changing throughout the United States, and especially here in Oregon, the drug is still highly regulated and often illegal. Even with laws that allow recreational marijuana use, the sale and distribution of marijuana is highly regulated. People who choose to sell, distribute or transport the drug will still face serious state or federal charges.

Can police search a dorm room for drugs?

When Oregon residents go off to a college or university, they expect to gain a little freedom. For many college students, it is the first time they are living on their own away from their parents and from rules. It is a big responsibility that many handle well. Others use college as an opportunity to explore the world and test boundaries. Recreational drug use is sometimes one way in which college students experiment with their new found freedom. While this recreational drug use may not seem like a big deal, it can, in some situations, result in drug charges.

Ten arrested on drug charges in Southeast Portland

Multiple law enforcement agencies can be involved investigating a person for criminal behavior. When this occurs, every person involved in the investigation must respect the person's constitutional rights during the investigation. This means that inherent right to privacy must be respected and that police must obey search and seizure rules -- including executing a search warrant before searching a person's home.

Police investigate North Portland men following drug charges

Police investigations can continue for a while after a person is arrested. Depending on the specific charges, Oregon police may be trying to determine exactly what happened in a particular incident, gather more evidence or find more suspects. Whatever the case, police and prosecutors will work tirelessly to prepare the best case possible against those accused of criminal activity.

Police raid leads to drug charges for 6

The Central Oregon Drug Enforcement Team has recently conducted a raid on a personal residence where officers suspected drug dealings. According to reports, officers from the CODE team had been watching the residence for some time. An investigation that lasted for months, ended in the raid of the home and the arrest of six people on drug charges.

Police use informant to arrest 2 Oregonians on drug charges

Police use a variety of sources to get information about drug deals, dealers and traffickers. This information is then used to catch people suspected of drug crimes. However, police do have rules on how they can gather information and how they can use the information they obtain. These search and seizure rules are defined by the United States Constitution.

Search for phone leads to drug charges in Oregon case

Seemingly minor interactions with police can sometimes lead to more serious criminal charges. Police may pull someone over for a traffic violation, search a vehicle and find drugs. Or police can search a home looking for drugs, but also find weapons. In both of these situations, or similar scenarios, police have to have some reason to conduct a search. Search and seizure rules require police to have probable cause to conduct a search. In most situations, police need a warrant to conduct the search.

Medical marijuana distribution center in Oregon raided by police

In many states, including Oregon, the state has permitted the use of medical marijuana. Therefore, in Oregon, it is legal to use marijuana as a registered user. There are 54,200 people who are eligible grow and use medical marijuana in Oregon. It is, however, illegal to sell medical marijuana in Oregon, even to registered users. If users sell marijuana, then they can face drug charges.

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