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Christmas tree attack leads to misdemeanor charges and jail

While there is a lot of joy during the holiday season, there can also be a lot of stress. There are family parties, obligations and extra expenses -- all of which can create tension. With the constant stress placed on people during this time, it is easy for someone to overreact to a situation. However, when this happens people can still face criminal charges for their behavior.

Oregon attorney faces misdemeanor charges

Many Oregon residents may not realize the serious consequences that any criminal charges can have on a person. In particular, people may think that misdemeanor charges do no really impact a person's life. However, a recent Oregon case shows the immediate effects that misdemeanor charges can have on people and their careers.

Oregon teenager faces misdemeanor charges after gunfight

There are certain situations where the Oregon criminal code has justified the use of violence. In some cases, the laws says it is ok, to use force -- even deadly force -- against another. Usually this force must be made in self-defense.

Oregon police make arrests in murder case

When people are charged with crimes, it is very important that they understand what they are being charged with. All criminal charges are not created equal and people can face very different penalties depending on the specific crime they face. In general, felonies are the most serious types of crimes. Felonies include most violent crimes including murder.

Oregon man arrested on felony charges for incident with child

At times, it is easy for anyone to lose their temper and become aggressive. People get into arguments with friends, family members or strangers and they can easily become physical. While at the time, people in Oregon may feel like they have justification for their behavior, people should understand that physically lashing out -- or even threatening harm -- can have criminal consequences and lead to violent crime charges.

Oregon man sentenced after pleading guilty to sex crime

Some crimes, due to their shocking nature, get extra attention from the media. The media sometimes take these cases and sensationalize them for their own gain. In these types of cases, it can be hard for those accused of a crime to get fair criminal proceedings. Because people see the news version of the story and form their own opinions, even if the person is innocent, he or she can be unfairly judged.

Court changes charges to felonies for man accused of stabbing

Criminal proceedings can be confusing for those unfamiliar with the Oregon court system. Courts are set up with complex rules of evidence and procedure that often are not explained, either in movies and television or in real life. People must be sure that they have help to guide them through the proceedings so they can ensure their rights are protected and they receive a fair shake.

Investigation leads to arson and assault charges for Portland man

Before prosecutors can try a case against someone accused of a crime, police need to conduct a complete investigation of the criminal incident. These criminal investigations can be time-consuming, invasive and damaging to anyone accused of a crime. Investigators are often trained to get the most information as possible out of someone, and everything a person says or does during a criminal investigation can be used against them during a trial in an Oregon court.

Oregon driver who hit security guard gets probation, wake-up call

It's an unsettling reality that many drunk drivers are habitual offenders, whether they go undetected or are arrested repeatedly. But for many people who make the choice to drive under the influence, it takes only one harrowing incident to realize the danger of their actions.

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