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University of Oregon student pleads guilty in fatal DUII crash

A conviction for driving under the influence of intoxicants has the potential to ruin anyone's life, but when the guilty driver is a college student, the ramifications can be much more serious. Even if the student isn't sentenced to significant jail time, a drunk driving charge on a young person's criminal record often acts as a red flag for prospective employers, loan officers and even landlords. In today's economy, securing a good job and desirable housing is hard enough without this extra obstacle.

University of Oregon football player charged with DUII

College athletes are generally under a lot of pressure, particularly when their sport's season is in full swing. They're expected to excel on the field and in the classroom, and if they hold a scholarship, they could lose their ability to play and attend school if either their athletic abilities or their academics falter.

Portland college students face drug charges after house raid

It's been said many times that college is a time and place for students to expand their horizons and try new things. Most college deans would exclude drugs and alcohol from that category, but the reality is that many students experiment with drugs or heavy drinking as part of their higher education experience.

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