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What constitutes rape in Oregon?

Felony charges are very serious. They include a variety of different criminal charges including many sex crimes. As most people know, sex crimes are aggressively prosecuted. People who are convicted of sex crime charges -- including rape -- can face serious penalties including long prison sentences.

What is measure 11?

Oregon residents are likely aware that they can be sentenced to punishments if convicted of a crime. These punishments often vary depending on the specific charges with misdemeanors having lesser penalties than felonies. Felony charges are generally much more serious and have much more severe penalties. These penalties often include prison sentences.

What are the time limits for felony charges in Oregon?

In Oregon, felony charges are very serious. They can result in long prison sentences, large fines, probation, permanent criminal records and more. People facing felony charges can feel like they are living in limbo as they await the result of their criminal trial. While facing conviction they can suffer problems in their social life, their reputation can be damaged and they may lose their job. These problems can make it difficult for people to enjoy their life until the matter is settled.

Rape charges for man with prior criminal record

Investigations for felony charges can result in a variety of difficult consequences for the accused. People can be subject to unwanted media attention, face problems at work, spend time in jail and have restrictions placed on their daily lives as soon as charges are brought. These initial punishments can place a burden on a person's life. However, they do not mean that a person is guilty of a crime or that the person will eventually be found guilty. One area that often creates serious immediate consequences is with sex crimes. Aggressive prosecution can lead to immediate problems for the accused, especially if people do not take affirmative steps to protect their rights from the beginning of a case.

Oregon cafe owner charged with sex crimes against minors

An Oregon business owner has been arrested on charges of sex crimes against minors. The 45-year-old man owned a cafe which employed minor girls. According to reports, the man has been charged with 28 criminal counts including for sexual abuse, sodomy and third-degree rape. Police claim that the man exchanged drugs with minor employees and other young girls that visited the cafe in exchange for sexual activity. He is also facing drug charges for allegedly distributing nitrous oxide, marijuana and MDMA to the minors.

Oregon teenager faces felony sex crime charges

An 18-year-old Oregon man has been charged with various sex crimes. These felony charges are extremely serious and police are adding as many charges as possible. According to police, the man engaged in sexual activity with while attending a high school in Milwaukie. Police say the teenager was a student at the school from September to December 2012. During that time, police claim that he had sexual contact with at least four students that were too young to consent under Oregon law. Police allege that force may have been used in some of the situations.

Oregon teenager accused of rape to be charged as adult

A 16-year-old Oregon boy is being charged as an adult in a rape case. The 19 counts against him include rape in the first degree, sodomy, unlawful sexual penetration, first- and second-degree sexual abuse and other felonies. The district attorney said the teen is being charged as an adult because six of the alleged crimes fall under Ballot Measure 11, Oregon's mandatory sentencing law.

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