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Criminal defense: Oregon felons lose rights to own firearms

There are many consequences, if one is convicted of a felony in Oregon. While there are criminal punishments associated with a particular crime -- including fines, jail or prison time, probation and more -- there are also other penalties. First, convicted felons lose their right to vote. Second, convicted felons may have to report their criminal record on housing and employment applications which can limit future opportunities. Third, convicted felons lose the right to carry or own firearms.

SWAT team executes search warrant at Oregon home

Recently, police in Tigard, Oregon served a search warrant to a local residence. The warrant was executed on Southwest Gentle Woods Drive. However, police and law enforcement officials did not release information about why the warrant was served or what the police were looking for in the search. It is known that the Washington County Tactical Negotiations Team -- also known as the SWAT team -- helped with executing the warrant.

Prosecutors won't bring charges against woman

Criminal investigations are supposed to help Oregon police determine how a particular incident took place. They can also help police uncover illegal activity. In many cases, a criminal investigation will result in criminal charges for one or more individuals.

Eye-witness testimony questioned in Oregon case

Following a shooting in Oregon in 2007, two women were questioned by police. According to reports, the women had seen the shooting through a car window in heavy rain. Following the shooting, they took off in a car and police had to track them down. Reports claim that the women claimed that they hadn't seem much during the incident because of their own emotions, the rain and darkness.

Does new Oregon law really help remove mug shots from Internet?

No one is perfect -- people make mistakes all the time that result in a police investigation, an arrest and criminal charges. While many of these criminal charges may make their way through the criminal justice system in Oregon, some will not. With the right criminal defense from the beginning of a case, people can get charges dismissed. In some situations, people will be found not guilty of felony or misdemeanor charges and will be released without punishment.

Oregon legislature to debate reduced drunk driving penalty

Allegations of drunk driving can be devastating for some Portland residents. They can face difficult and harsh penalties that affect them not only emotionally but financially. In Oregon, in order for first time drunk driving offenders to regain driving privileges, they have to install an ignition interlock device into their car. This device will prevent the car from starting if alcohol is detected on a person's breath. The device is mandatory and costs between $500 and $1,000 to install. Maintenance and monitoring on the device can cost additional money.

Portland bouncer won't face criminal charges for shooting

When people are accused of a crime, they will have the opportunity to admit to wrongdoing or to deny the charges. If people deny the criminal charges, they can formulate a criminal defense strategy that can help to prove their innocence. Sometimes, people can be cleared of the charges even before a criminal trial.

Oregon may protect electronics from warrantless searches

The Constitution of the United States provides citizens with some basic protections. Some of these protections include regulating police conduct and giving Oregon residents a right to privacy. This right to privacy prevents police from searching a person or their property without following certain procedural guidelines. In many cases, this means that police must obtain a warrant before they can search for criminal activity.

Charges to be dropped in Portland gun case

Portland police are often asked to take small amounts of evidence and piece together a crime. In some cases, the scenario is easier to recreate and police have a solid case. In other situations, the police can reach for any information they can find and try to charge someone with a crime. When the police use circumstantial evidence, it's easy for someone to be wrongly accused of committing a crime.

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