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Protect against prescription drug related charges

In general when people think of drug use, they likely think about illegal drugs. They think of marijuana, heroin or cocaine. However, drugs are used in Oregon in much broader ways. In fact, many people legally used drugs every day. Prescription drug use, is legal. People are allowed to use antidepressants, narcotics and other mood-altering drugs on a daily basis to treat legitimate medical conditions.

Can police search a dorm room for drugs?

When Oregon residents go off to a college or university, they expect to gain a little freedom. For many college students, it is the first time they are living on their own away from their parents and from rules. It is a big responsibility that many handle well. Others use college as an opportunity to explore the world and test boundaries. Recreational drug use is sometimes one way in which college students experiment with their new found freedom. While this recreational drug use may not seem like a big deal, it can, in some situations, result in drug charges.

The legal use of marijuana in Oregon

This blog has on many occasions discussed aspects of Oregon's drug laws. In particular, its marijuana laws have been discussed at length. However, people should know that as of July 1, 2015 big changes are coming to Oregon. When Measure 91 goes into effect, Oregonians will have the right to grow, buy and use marijuana. Although people will have these privileges, there are significant rules that must be followed. People need to understand their rights in order to avoid drug charges.

Portland group faces multiple criminal charges in federal court

A large scale investigation has led to several arrests in the Portland area. According to reports, a group of eight people have indicted on federal charges following the investigation. This investigation resulted in the execution of several search warrants. Reports claim that at least 12 places were searched by federal agents as the indictments were issued.

Without help, a drug conviction can ruin a lifetime

Recreational drug use is not uncommon among young people. Especially in college, people often experiment with recreational drugs and alcohol. And, sometimes these people are caught. This does not make them bad people, but it can create a world of legal troubles and financial disaster.

Landing in federal court on drug charges

Oregon residents may not understand that they can face drug charges in one of two courts -- state court and federal court. It is a crime under Oregon state law and under federal law to produce, possession, distribute or manufacture certain illegal drugs. Being caught doing any of these activities can lead to serious criminal charges and penalties. Typically, however, the penalties for federal drug charges are much more severe than state charges. Therefore, the accused usually want to have the person's case stay in state court.

What are the different types of drug crimes?

Some types of criminal charges are very specific while others are very broad. The phrase "drug crimes" actually encompasses a wide variety of specific drug charges. Depending on the specific charges that a person faces, the penalties can be very different. Therefore, it is important for Oregon residents to understand the types of drug charges they face. In general, drug charges fall into one of four broader categories.

What is Measure 91?

Over the past several years there has been a shift in the way the country sees marijuana use. Subsequently, many states -- like Oregon -- have decriminalized marijuana use. Recently, states have gone ever further allowing residents to legal use recreational marijuana. As many Oregonians likely know, Measure 91 was recently passed. Some may wonder how it effects marijuana use within the state.

What are the penalties for manufacturing methamphetamine?

In a recent post, this blog presented the story of a local drug arrest. In that case, connections were being made between the arrest and the popular television show "Breaking Bad" since the man arrested was a science teacher accused of manufacturing methamphetamines like the main character in the television show. This case may have left people wondering about the penalties for being convicted of manufacturing methamphetamines in Oregon.

Oregon case compared to popular television show

While drug crimes are sometimes glamorized by movies and television, drug charges come with serious consequences in Oregon. One recent case is drawing attention for its similarities to the well-known T.V. series "Breaking Bad," in which a high school chemistry teacher starts producing methamphetamine after being diagnosed with terminal cancer.

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