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Are there different types of criminal defenses?

People are arrested daily in Oregon. While some of these people may have committed crimes, others may be innocent. The criminal justice system seeks to determine which individuals should be punished and which individuals should be set free. However, those facing criminal charges should understand that they have the right to mount a criminal defense to defend themselves against criminal charges.

What allegations can lead to a charge of harassment?

For residents of Oregon, any criminal allegations can lead to significant problems. This not only has to do with the possibility that there will be a criminal trial and a conviction, but the penalties that accompany criminal charges. One issue that is growing more prevalent with the increased options for communication is harassment. Harassment charges can be filed if a person is believed to have harassed or annoyed another by making physical contact that is deemed offensive; publicly insults the other with words or gestured that are deemed to be abusive in a way that is likely to lead to a violent response; or by distributing a video of the other person taking part in sexual acts or while nude when the person is younger than 18 when the recording is made.

Criminal defenses and the burden of proof in Oregon

When an Oregon resident is accused of committing a crime, and criminal charges are brought, a specific set of legal consequences will follow. From the beginning of the case through its completion, there are a variety of legal actions that can be taken by both the prosecution and the defense. These actions are necessary in order to ensure that a person's due process rights are not violated.

Types of evidence in a criminal charge

Everyone makes mistakes from time to time. When these mistakes involve criminal behavior, people face serious consequences. However, in order for a person to face penalties from criminal charges, they must be convicted. In the United States, people can only be convicted of a criminal charge if there is evidence that proves the person is guilty of the crime beyond a reasonable doubt. In order to do this, prosecutors must have the right evidence.

Criminal defense strategies and the truth

No two people will ever view the same event in the exact same way. Even when two people see the same thing, their accounts about what happened can be very different. In the context of criminal charges, this can often lead to debates about the "truth." Prosecutors will have their story and those accused of criminal behavior will have theirs.

No matter the crime, a criminal defense is important

On many different occasions, this blog has discussed the nuances of different types of crimes. For example, as many Oregon residents likely understand, there are two main types of crimes, felonies and misdemeanors. Felonies are typically more serious and include harsher penalties. Felony charges can be for violent or non-violent crimes. Being convicted of felony charges often results in more than one year in prison, serious fines and more.

What are non-violent crimes?

When Oregon residents think about a crime, they may think about things such as robbery, murder or kidnapping. In other cases, sexual assault or battery may come to mind. While these are crimes, these acts fall into the category of violent crimes. However, not all crime is violent in nature.

Oregon felony and misdemeanor traffic offenses

For many people in Oregon, driving is an everyday task. It is how people get to work, school and social events. However, a person's car can also be the source of legal trouble. While simple infractions can lead to traffic violations -- such as speeding tickets -- driving can also lead to much more serious criminal charges. Oregon residents should be aware of the possibility of more serious charges when getting behind the wheel. Generally, criminal charges fall into two categories -- misdemeanors and felonies. Just like with other non-traffic related crimes, traffic offenses also fall into these categories.

What are common Oregon criminal defense strategies?

When Oregonians are facing criminal charges, it can be difficult for them to know what to do. Oregon residents may be scared about their future or angry about the charges. Those charged need to their criminal defense options as they are entitled to present a defense to tell their side of the story.

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