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Fight hard against drug charges

Drug charges are serious in Oregon. Charges for hard drugs, like heroin, can lead to serious penalties if a person is convicted. However, just because a person is charged with a crime does not mean that the person is guilty. There are situations where police get the facts wrong, obtain evidence illegally or a person has a valid defense. In any of the situations charges may be dropped against the accused.

Is it ever legal to have heroin in Oregon?

Some Oregon residents know what it's like to face drug charges. However, for some people, the drug charges themselves may be difficult to understand and sort through. In recent years, many drug laws have been strengthened, while others have been changed. With all the change surrounding many drug laws in Oregon, and across the United States, it can be difficult for people to understand when it is illegal to have a certain drug.

Three arrested on drug trafficking charges

Criminal investigations can result in a variety of different types of criminal charges. Often, law enforcement officials are looking for illegal drugs. Investigations often revolve around the transportation or sale of large quantities of these drugs. If people are caught in these situations, they can face harsh penalties in the criminal justice system.

Marijuana cultivation and federal law

Penalties for drug use can be severe. The exact penalties a person will face because of drug charges depends on a variety of factors. These factors include the type of drug involved in the case, how much of the drug was found and where the drugs were found. Other factors such as whether the person was found selling, manufacturing or cultivating a drug can also affect the particular charges and penalties the person faces. Finally, whether or not the person faces these charges in state or federal court also makes a big difference.

What is the law for possession of drug paraphernalia in Oregon?

Many are aware of the illegal nature of possessing drugs in Oregon, but they might not know that it is also illegal to be in possession of drug paraphernalia. It is important for those who are confronted with these charges understand what it entails under state law and what its penalties are.

Federal drug schedules and their meanings in Oregon

Drug charges are not only an Oregon crime. Federal law also addressed the illegal use, possession and distribution of certain substances. Under federal law, substances are classified into different schedules. Depending on the schedule that a particular drug has been placed in, the severity of the charges can vary.

Without a defense, hard drugs can lead to hard time

There are many different types of illegal drugs. And, every drug is not treated the same. As we discussed in our last post, methamphetamine is one type of drug that people can face criminal charges for using or selling. Methamphetamine, in particular, is a Schedule II drug under federal laws. This classification changes the consequences that a person could face if convicted of drug charges. Each drug has a similar classification under federal and state law.

What is methamphetamine?

The state and federal governments regulate certain consumer products and goods. In addition, governmental authorities have the right to ban certain products from the marketplace. These agencies use this power to ban certain drugs. Under state and federal laws, therefore, the production, consumption or sale of certain illegal drugs can result in criminal penalties.

Oregon men face drug trafficking charges

While views on marijuana are rapidly changing throughout the United States, and especially here in Oregon, the drug is still highly regulated and often illegal. Even with laws that allow recreational marijuana use, the sale and distribution of marijuana is highly regulated. People who choose to sell, distribute or transport the drug will still face serious state or federal charges.

Stimulants on college campuses

College is often seen as a time of exploration for young adults. They are trying to determine the direction of their lives through their education. Many college and university students are out on their own for the first time and making all of their adult decisions on their own. Many people take this time to explore the world around them and have fun. Recreational alcohol and drug use is sometimes a part of this exploration.

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