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Portland group faces multiple criminal charges in federal court

A large scale investigation has led to several arrests in the Portland area. According to reports, a group of eight people have indicted on federal charges following the investigation. This investigation resulted in the execution of several search warrants. Reports claim that at least 12 places were searched by federal agents as the indictments were issued.

Oregon case compared to popular television show

While drug crimes are sometimes glamorized by movies and television, drug charges come with serious consequences in Oregon. One recent case is drawing attention for its similarities to the well-known T.V. series "Breaking Bad," in which a high school chemistry teacher starts producing methamphetamine after being diagnosed with terminal cancer.

Couple facing charges after tipping Oregon waitress with drugs

When reports of drug use, manufacture or possession are given to police, Oregon police take those tips seriously. Members of the local community are often asked to give police information about drug crimes, despite having no expertise or experience on the topic. Therefore, even when community members report drug crimes, drug charges can still result for those accused.

Drug dog used in Oregon marijuana bust

Oregon police use many different methods to find illegal activity. They use undercover officers, searches of cars, houses and businesses, public informants and many other methods. One common tool Oregon officers use when searching for drugs are drug dogs. These dogs are specially trained to the presence of certain illegal contraband. These dogs help officers determine who they should search for drugs or where they should start their search. Often, the use of these dogs can lead to drug charges.

Medical marijuana distribution center in Oregon raided by police

In many states, including Oregon, the state has permitted the use of medical marijuana. Therefore, in Oregon, it is legal to use marijuana as a registered user. There are 54,200 people who are eligible grow and use medical marijuana in Oregon. It is, however, illegal to sell medical marijuana in Oregon, even to registered users. If users sell marijuana, then they can face drug charges.

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