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White collar crimes also need an aggressive defense

Many posts on this blog have stressed the seriousness of felony charges. People likely understand that they can face serious prison sentences, large fines and probation for a conviction on felony charges. However, people may not always think of the wide range of felony charges available. Not every felony charge is just for a violent crime. In fact, many white collar crimes, are purely financial. As we explained in a recent post, Oregon residents can face a Class B felony for money laundering, even when no violence was used in a case.

Man charged with attempted murder nearly 2 years after shooting

The threat of criminal charges can follow a person for a long time after the alleged incident occurs. Depending on the specific act, the threat of criminal charges may follow people for the rest of their lives. When a person is under investigation for a criminal activity, especially a felony, steps can be taken to protect the person's legal rights. With the right help, people can make sure that police or law enforcement officials do not overstep their boundaries during the investigation so that they do not unjustly face penalties.

Shooting leaves 16-year-old with felony charges

In a lot of cases, criminal charges stem from one incident or act. They result from one moment in time where someone either failed to do something or acted in a way the person shouldn't have. Yet, the consequences from this one moment have the potential to stay with a person for the rest of the person's life. When the accused is young, the consequences can be even more acute.

Brothers brought back to Oregon to face sex crime charges

When felony charges are levied against an Oregon citizen, police will make all effort to arrest the individual so that criminal proceedings can continue. If an arrest is not immediately made, law enforcement officials can work with other agencies to secure the arrest. At times, other states and the federal government can even get involved in a particular search.

Men face murder charges following suspected arson

Three Oregon residents have recently been indicted on serious felony charges. According to reports, the men were involved in a suspected arson that led to the death of a 37-year-old man. Police say that a detached garage was intentionally set on fire. Firefighters were able to remove the man from the garage, but he died later at a nearby hospital.

Oregon pastor taken into custody for alleged sex crimes

A Happy Valley pastor is in hot water after being taken into custody for alleged sex crimes. Police claim the 64-year-old man, who co-founded the North Clackamas Bible Community, committed three acts of unlawful sexual penetration. Each offense is a Class A felony charge, carrying a mandatory minimum sentence of eight years and four months behind bars. Without a strong criminal defense, this man's life may be turned upside down.

Rape charges for man with prior criminal record

Investigations for felony charges can result in a variety of difficult consequences for the accused. People can be subject to unwanted media attention, face problems at work, spend time in jail and have restrictions placed on their daily lives as soon as charges are brought. These initial punishments can place a burden on a person's life. However, they do not mean that a person is guilty of a crime or that the person will eventually be found guilty. One area that often creates serious immediate consequences is with sex crimes. Aggressive prosecution can lead to immediate problems for the accused, especially if people do not take affirmative steps to protect their rights from the beginning of a case.

After fleeing police, 2 face felony charges

Any interaction with Oregon police officers can lead to criminal charges. However, a host of additional charges -- or upgraded charges -- can be included if people do not cooperate with police during a traffic stop or other police investigation. While people are under no obligation to tell police about illegal activity, they do need to comply with certain requests -- including the request to pull over.

Oregon cafe owner charged with sex crimes against minors

An Oregon business owner has been arrested on charges of sex crimes against minors. The 45-year-old man owned a cafe which employed minor girls. According to reports, the man has been charged with 28 criminal counts including for sexual abuse, sodomy and third-degree rape. Police claim that the man exchanged drugs with minor employees and other young girls that visited the cafe in exchange for sexual activity. He is also facing drug charges for allegedly distributing nitrous oxide, marijuana and MDMA to the minors.

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