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Man charged with attempted murder nearly 2 years after shooting

The threat of criminal charges can follow a person for a long time after the alleged incident occurs. Depending on the specific act, the threat of criminal charges may follow people for the rest of their lives. When a person is under investigation for a criminal activity, especially a felony, steps can be taken to protect the person's legal rights. With the right help, people can make sure that police or law enforcement officials do not overstep their boundaries during the investigation so that they do not unjustly face penalties.

What is measure 11?

Oregon residents are likely aware that they can be sentenced to punishments if convicted of a crime. These punishments often vary depending on the specific charges with misdemeanors having lesser penalties than felonies. Felony charges are generally much more serious and have much more severe penalties. These penalties often include prison sentences.

Rape charges for man with prior criminal record

Investigations for felony charges can result in a variety of difficult consequences for the accused. People can be subject to unwanted media attention, face problems at work, spend time in jail and have restrictions placed on their daily lives as soon as charges are brought. These initial punishments can place a burden on a person's life. However, they do not mean that a person is guilty of a crime or that the person will eventually be found guilty. One area that often creates serious immediate consequences is with sex crimes. Aggressive prosecution can lead to immediate problems for the accused, especially if people do not take affirmative steps to protect their rights from the beginning of a case.

Oregon man faces robbery and other felony charges

People can sometimes act out of desperation. The need for something is so great, that they perform a criminal act that they otherwise would have avoided. In these cases, people can still face serious criminal charges -- including felony charges -- despite not wanting anyone to get hurt in the process.

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