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Oregon basketball players charged with shoplifting

The criminal code applies to everyone in Oregon -- regular people and the well-recognized, the rich and the poor. If people are caught breaking the law, Oregon police can make arrests and prosecutors can seek punishments. The law does not recognize distinctions between people, and therefore, all criminal charges need to be taken seriously.

Baseball player faces misdemeanor charges for break-in

Misdemeanor crimes are one broad type of criminal charge -- the other type is felony crimes. Misdemeanors are generally less serious than felonies but can still result in serious criminal punishments. Misdemeanor crimes include some theft charges, many driving offenses and traffic citations and low-level drug charges. Since punishments are not as severe as felonies, some people may think that misdemeanors do not require a significant criminal defense. However, if people ignore their defense, they can still end up with significant criminal punishments if found guilty of misdemeanors.

Former Oregon football player charged with misdemeanors

From time to time everyone suffers from a lapse in judgment. When these mistakes lead to criminal charges, they can have a long lasting effect on people's lives. For example, in Oregon even with misdemeanor charges people can be sentenced to over $6,000 in fines and spend up to a year in jail. With serious consequences like these, people should understand what they have been charged with and how to defend against the charges.

Portland plea deal leads to possible expungement of theft charge

From time to time, people can have a lapse of judgment and make a mistake. When that mistake leads to misdemeanor criminal charges, people may have to face consequences. However, in certain situations, the court may be willing to expunge those charges and give a person a second chance.

Oregon car chase leads to various criminal charges

Criminal cases can get complex very quickly, especially when someone is unfamiliar with the criminal court system. From the initial investigation to the trial, appeals and beyond, people dealing with a criminal charge need guidance. With the proper criminal defense, people may be able to more successfully navigate the process and better ensure that their constitutional rights are upheld.

Group seeks to change Portland misdemeanor charge into felony

Those crimes that carry lighter penalties are usually classified as misdemeanors. There are many different types of misdemeanors, including certain types of theft. In Portland, Oregon, if someone breaks into the car of another and steals property from within that car, that person has committed a misdemeanor.

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