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Following dangerous accident, Oregon man charged with DUI

Driving a car can be dangerous. Poor roads, adverse weather conditions and other drivers can all easily cause an accident. However, there are occasions when someone causes an accident after having too much to drink. These drunk-driving accidents can lead to injuries to the driver and to others involved in the accident. Even if someone gets into an accident, police can and will still issue a DUI charge.

3-car crash leads to DUI charges for Oregon man

With the holiday season in midswing people are likely to be heading to parties and other festivities that may include drinking. People may not realize that they have had one too many drinks before getting out onto Oregon roadways. In these situations, people can easily end up with drunk driving charges if they are stopped by police.

Woman charged with DUII after allegedly hitting 2 pedestrians

When someone is caught driving after they have been drinking, a criminal case will likely follow if the person's blood alcohol content exceeds the legal limit of .08. When a person is arrested in Oregon for drunk driving, or driving under the influence of intoxicants, two separate actions follow. One is strictly on the criminal prosecution side. In this action, prosecutors will try to prove that the person was guilty of a DUII and the person could be sentenced to jail time, probation and fines, depending on the circumstances in the case.

After car accident, 14-year-old charged with DUI in Portland

A criminal conviction can follow a person for years after the incident. Some convictions can affect where people can live, limit future job opportunities and include jail or prison sentences. Some convictions, like drunk driving convictions, can result in the loss of a person's driver's license and a negative impact on his or her reputation.

Oregon driver hits school bus; police suspect driver was impaired

People make mistakes while driving all the time. Drivers get distracted and may cause an accident. However, this does not automatically mean that they have committed a crime. Sometimes, police and other law enforcement officials might be quick to assume alcohol or drugs were involved in the accident. These assumptions could lead to drunk driving charges. Despite what law enforcement officers may think at the time of the accident, they need proof of drug or alcohol use in order for a DUI charge to stick in Oregon.

Oregon driver who hit security guard gets probation, wake-up call

It's an unsettling reality that many drunk drivers are habitual offenders, whether they go undetected or are arrested repeatedly. But for many people who make the choice to drive under the influence, it takes only one harrowing incident to realize the danger of their actions.

Oregon student's career goes off-course with DUII conviction

We often discuss the personal and professional ramifications of drunk driving. Those accused of driving under the influence may have their reputation tarnished by a news story of their arrest, and a conviction can result in prison time, license suspension and crippling fines. Because it can be hard to undo this damage once you're convicted, finding good legal representation before your court case begins is crucial.

High-speed chase leads to DUII, other charges for Oregon driver

Being pulled over by police is almost always a nerve-racking experience, even if you don't think you've done anything wrong. If, however, you know why you're being stopped and are worried about being charged with drunk driving or another traffic violation, a squad car's flashing lights and siren can send you into a panic. How you choose to react will affect the outcome of the ensuing case against you.

Oregon teenager charged with DUII after crashing into home

As teenagers, we're constantly telling our parents that we're adults and want to be treated as such. But the ages between 18 and 21 are a tough middle ground, in part because these young adults are still not old enough to drink, but face all of the legal ramifications that other adults do if they're involved in a crime that involves drinking.

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