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Charges for 2 Oregonians following police search for drugs

Two Oregon residents have been arrested on a variety of drug charges after police served a search warrant. According to police, warrants were issued for two different locations. In the searches of these properties, police say that they recovered more than $20,000 cash, methamphetamine, heroin and two handguns.

Four in Oregon suspected of methamphetamine use, face charges

Four Oregon residents were recently arrested on drug charges. According to police, they served a search warrant on a residence that neighbors had complained about for some time. The neighbors alleged that for the last couple years, people were always coming and going from the house after short visits. Police say that the neighbors suspected drug activity.

Police arrest two in Portland on drug trafficking charges

In many cases, police officers cannot enter a property just because they suspect illegal activity may be occurring. The United States Constitution protects Oregon residents from such illegal searches by police officers. Usually, police either need a search warrant or permission to search from someone who lives in the home.

Former Oregon sheriff accused of drug trafficking

An Oregon man has been arrested on drug charges in another state. According to reports, the 56-year-old man is a retired Clackamas County sheriff and lives in Creswell. Police stopped the man after they allegedly caught him speeding in a construction zone at around 11:00 a.m.

Police raid leads to drug charges for 6

The Central Oregon Drug Enforcement Team has recently conducted a raid on a personal residence where officers suspected drug dealings. According to reports, officers from the CODE team had been watching the residence for some time. An investigation that lasted for months, ended in the raid of the home and the arrest of six people on drug charges.

Couple facing charges after tipping Oregon waitress with drugs

When reports of drug use, manufacture or possession are given to police, Oregon police take those tips seriously. Members of the local community are often asked to give police information about drug crimes, despite having no expertise or experience on the topic. Therefore, even when community members report drug crimes, drug charges can still result for those accused.

Four Portland residents charged with federal drug crimes

People can buy just about anything on the Internet these days -- including illegal drugs. Many people may not realize that these transactions are possible, however, federal authorities do monitor the web for illegal drug transactions. One online investigation has led to the arrest of four Portland, Oregon residents.

Drug dog used in Oregon marijuana bust

Oregon police use many different methods to find illegal activity. They use undercover officers, searches of cars, houses and businesses, public informants and many other methods. One common tool Oregon officers use when searching for drugs are drug dogs. These dogs are specially trained to the presence of certain illegal contraband. These dogs help officers determine who they should search for drugs or where they should start their search. Often, the use of these dogs can lead to drug charges.

Police allegedly find drugs in Oregon man's home

In life, there are a lot of things that are negotiable. From simple everyday tasks to major business deals and more, negotiations happen on a daily basis in Oregon. What many people may not understand that in the criminal courts, negotiations take place all the time. Prosecutors are often eager to make deals with defendants to quickly and quietly settle certain criminal cases. These negotiations are often called plea deals and can lead to reduced sentences for defendants and guilty pleas for prosecutors. Plea deals are especially common in cases involving drug charges.

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