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Oregon Supreme Court rules on DUI sleep driving defense

People may think that they have few defense options following a DUI arrest. However, this is simply not the case. In Oregon, those arrested for DUI have several options in order to eliminate charges or to reduce penalties. Recently, the Oregon Supreme Court has allowed a new defense -- sleep driving.

100 miles-per-hour police chase ends in DUII arrest

Recently, the Oregon Department of Transportation has given local communities grant money to help crack down on people driving under the influence of intoxicants. According to police records, this grant money has helped police arrest 28 people for DUII so far this year. This is almost a 17 percent increase in DUII arrests as compared with 2012.

Suspected drunk driver charged after running from police

While no one likes to be pulled over by the police, it happens to almost everyone at some point. When a person is pulled over for suspected drunk driving, the situation becomes even more serious. However, how people react to the police can make a difference in their case. If people cooperate with the police, police may try to take advantage of people and get more evidence then they legally should. On the other hand, if people resist the police they can end up with additional charges.

St. Patrick's Day brings fun - and DUI arrests - to Oregon

St. Patrick's Day is one of those times of year when many Oregon residents will go out with friends and have a good time. This is especially true when the holiday falls on a weekend, as it did this year. But these types of holidays, just like Independence Day and New Year's Eve, almost always bring out increased law enforcement patrols, with a particular focus on drunk driving.

Oregon man pleads no contest to DUII charges following accident

The punishments for drunk driving are always harsh. However, under certain circumstances, penalties can increase exponentially. One of these situations occurs when other people get hurt in an accident caused by a drunk driver. In that case, more serious charges can be filed against a person in addition to DUI or DUII charges.

Oregon legislature considers expansion of DUI laws

Many people probably understand that they can face charges for driving under the influence for operating a vehicle with a blood alcohol content level above the legal limit of .08. However, some may not realize that the Oregon legislature is considering expanding the definition of what would qualify a person for a DUI. Under the current law, an intoxicant is defined as alcohol, inhalants, controlled substances or any combination of those three.

18-year-old arrested for alleged drunk driving

Most people need to use their car to get around. Without a car, getting to and from work, school or other obligations can be difficult and time consuming. For those that have been convicted of driving under the influence, life without a driver's license may be a reality. In Oregon, when someone is convicted of drunk driving, that person risks driver's license suspension -- even for a first offense.

University of Oregon football player fights DUII charges

In criminal cases, people often hear about agreeing to a plea deal to quickly end a case. With a plea deal, people generally plead guilty to a lesser crime in exchange for a lighter sentence. Plea deals allow prosecutors to cheaply settle a case. However, people need to know that they have many criminal defense options available after they have been accused of a crime and that they do not have to choose a plea deal.

Oregon man admits to drunk driving in Facebook status

Social media impacts many aspects of people's everyday lives. Without even thinking people post pictures, status updates and their whereabouts to various social media outlets on a daily basis. However, for one Oregon teen his statement on one of these social media outlets has led to criminal charges.

DUI punishments could become more severe in Oregon

When people are arrested and charged with drunk driving, it is important to vigorously defend against all potential DUI charges because of the serious consequences a conviction can have. Currently, DUI charges can result in the loss of a driver's license, fees, mandatory counseling and jail time.

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