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With organized retail crime on the rise, mega-stores demand enforcement

There was a time when retail crime meant something relatively minor, like shoplifting, or a hijacked truck. In recent years, however, stores around the country have demanded laws to protect them against major crimes by organized entities. This accounts for the wave of organized retail crime laws.

Two facing drug trafficking and manufacturing charges in Oregon

While police and prosecutors take drug use and possession seriously, criminal charges for these crimes are generally much less severe than the charges for drug manufacturing and drug trafficking. Drug charges for the manufacturing, cultivation or trafficking of drugs in Oregon are generally felonies and are subject to sentencing guidelines.

Oregon indicts man following police shooting

Despite being shot by police, a 48-year-old man faces several criminal charges. According to police, the man had recently gone on a multiple state crime spree which included both Oregon and Washington. In Marion County court, the man has been indicted on several felonies -- felon in possession of a firearm, unlawful use of a weapon and giving false evidence to police.

Oregon legislature debates tougher criminal penalties

The criminal code in Oregon is constantly being revised, updated and changed by legislators. These fluctuating laws can create confusion for those unfamiliar with the criminal courts. Part of the revisions that are often made include increasing penalties for certain crimes. As these new laws and penalties are created, people facing criminal charges need to be mindful of their criminal defense strategy. Without understanding the laws, it can be difficult for people to defend against charges or to ensure that their rights are protected.

Oregon man pleads no contest to DUII charges following accident

The punishments for drunk driving are always harsh. However, under certain circumstances, penalties can increase exponentially. One of these situations occurs when other people get hurt in an accident caused by a drunk driver. In that case, more serious charges can be filed against a person in addition to DUI or DUII charges.

Oregon incarceration rate worries some politicians

The criminal justice system in Oregon is designed to punish those people who are found guilty of committing a felony or misdemeanor crime. Often times, these punishments can be severe and have long lasting effects. With the right criminal defense, people can reduce these punishments, but without help many people end up in prison.

18-year-old arrested for alleged drunk driving

Most people need to use their car to get around. Without a car, getting to and from work, school or other obligations can be difficult and time consuming. For those that have been convicted of driving under the influence, life without a driver's license may be a reality. In Oregon, when someone is convicted of drunk driving, that person risks driver's license suspension -- even for a first offense.

Oregon man admits to drunk driving in Facebook status

Social media impacts many aspects of people's everyday lives. Without even thinking people post pictures, status updates and their whereabouts to various social media outlets on a daily basis. However, for one Oregon teen his statement on one of these social media outlets has led to criminal charges.

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