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Penalties for speeding in Oregon

Oregon residents use their cars constantly. People often don't think about them as being a potential source of criminal charges. However, traffic violations are common. These violations can, in some cases, result in misdemeanor charges, fines and other penalties.

Oregon City police issue traffic citations as part of campaign

Cars are a common form of transportation in Oregon. People rely on their cars, trucks and commercial vehicles for a variety of different purposes. However, motor vehicles happen to also be one of the most highly regulated activities in Oregon as well. There are rules about who can drive, how fast people can drive and where people can drive. Activity inside a person's car -- like using a cell phone or a seatbelt -- is also regulated by state law.

Oregon constitution protects against traffic citations

Cars and trucks are obviously a frequent mode of transportation for many Oregonians. However, in Oregon many laws dictate the conduct that people must abide by as they are driving. These laws tell people where they can drive, how fast they can drive and whether they are allowed to drive in the first place. By violating these rules, Oregon residents can be charged with a traffic citation. These citations can result in fines and other penalties, and more serious traffic offenses may result in misdemeanor charges.

New Oregon law creates traffic violation for smokers

A lot of people's conduct in Oregon is regulated by a series of laws created by the state legislature. While people are aware of major felonies, misdemeanor charges can be more obscure -- especially new laws. One area of people's lives that is particularly regulated is driving. There are traffic rules dictating, who can drive, how fast people can drive and what people can do while driving l in Oregon law books. If people break these rules -- either intentionally or unintentionally -- they can be hit with a traffic violation.

Man accused of street racing, driving drunk in Clackamas County

Alcohol can cause people to do things they normally wouldn't while sober. Drinking gives some people a false sense of confidence that can lead to dangerous behavior, and very often that behavior is illegal. The most obvious and common example is driving drunk. But many people take things farther than that.

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