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Fight misdemeanors with the help of criminal defense attorneys

Not all criminal charges carry the same consequences. For example, Portland residents may find themselves facing apparently minor infractions for traffic violations, and may only have to pay modest fines to have their legal matters remedied. They may also be charged with felonies; felony convictions often result in individuals spending significant periods of time in prison for their alleged criminal wrongdoing.

Oregon officer charged with nine misdemeanors following DUII

Being arrested for criminal allegations does not only mean the accused could face serious penalties but also means that the allegations could impact the criminal suspect's personal and professional reputation. Depending on the type of charges, a defendant could face harsh penalties, even if they are accused of a misdemeanor. Moreover, the pending charges could greatly impact the offender's current or prospective career path, causing some criminal charge to have long-term effects.

Sentencing and diversion options for misdemeanor charges

Facing criminal charges, no matter the severity, is never an easy time. Even when a defendant is facing misdemeanor charges, this could still mean serious penalties that could impact the offender's life if he or she is convicted. In order to limit the effects misdemeanor allegations or convictions could have on an offender, it is important to be aware of the defense options available.

Do domestic violence charges affect gun rights in Oregon?

When people think about misdemeanor charges, they likely think about minor penalties. These penalties may include small fines, jail time, community service or similar penalties. People do not often associate misdemeanor charges with lifelong penalties. However, some misdemeanors can carry lifelong consequences. When it comes to misdemeanor domestic violence charges, for example, a person can lose their gun rights if convicted.

Portland chef arrested on misdemeanor assault charges

Spouses do not always get along with one another. In fact, many have serious disagreements from time to time. While these disagreements can be normal, if the altercation turns physical, criminal charges can follow. In particular, individuals may face misdemeanor domestic violence charges if the fight escalates to a physical level.

What types of traffic violations can result in a misdemeanor?

When people think about driving a car, they may not immediately think about criminal charges. However, people should know that a variety of criminal charges can accompany certain driving behavior. If individuals are not careful, they can face both felony charges and misdemeanors for traffic violations.

Know your options when facing misdemeanor charges

There are many laws and regulations in place in Oregon. These laws help to keep individuals safe and provide some sense of law and order within the state. These laws are complicated and are often not clearly propagated to the general community. Oregon residents may not even realize that they are doing something they aren't supposed to do. Therefore, it can be surprising when individuals are facing criminal charges. People may not even realize why they are facing charges or what can be done to fight them.

Can you sell drug equipment in Oregon?

There are people across the state of Oregon who buy and sell goods on a daily basis. Many individuals make a living by selling products to other consumers. Many people may not think about what they are selling or the legal ramifications of certain products. However, it can be important for those selling certain types of equipment to understand the legal realities that can follow.

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