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Portland plea deal leads to possible expungement of theft charge

From time to time, people can have a lapse of judgment and make a mistake. When that mistake leads to misdemeanor criminal charges, people may have to face consequences. However, in certain situations, the court may be willing to expunge those charges and give a person a second chance.

18-year-old arrested for alleged drunk driving

Most people need to use their car to get around. Without a car, getting to and from work, school or other obligations can be difficult and time consuming. For those that have been convicted of driving under the influence, life without a driver's license may be a reality. In Oregon, when someone is convicted of drunk driving, that person risks driver's license suspension -- even for a first offense.

University of Oregon football player fights DUII charges

In criminal cases, people often hear about agreeing to a plea deal to quickly end a case. With a plea deal, people generally plead guilty to a lesser crime in exchange for a lighter sentence. Plea deals allow prosecutors to cheaply settle a case. However, people need to know that they have many criminal defense options available after they have been accused of a crime and that they do not have to choose a plea deal.

Police conduct should be questioned as part of criminal defense

Oftentimes, people assume that police always do their jobs right. People want to believe that police don't make mistakes. However, the reality of the situation is that mistakes happen in every profession -- even in law enforcement. However, when police make mistakes, it can seriously affect someone else's future -- especially when their mistake leads to criminal charges. By mounting an aggressive criminal defense, people can make sure that police are held accountable for their actions.

Oregon car chase leads to various criminal charges

Criminal cases can get complex very quickly, especially when someone is unfamiliar with the criminal court system. From the initial investigation to the trial, appeals and beyond, people dealing with a criminal charge need guidance. With the proper criminal defense, people may be able to more successfully navigate the process and better ensure that their constitutional rights are upheld.

4 Oregon residents face drug trafficking charges

In drug crimes cases, it is easy for the media to imply guilt in their reporting. However, people reading those reports should be reminded that people who are arrested and charged with drug crimes remain innocent unless prosecutors can prove otherwise.

2011 crime rate statistics for Oregon released

A criminal conviction, or in some cases even just a criminal charge, can change the course of a person's life. There are serious long-term consequences associated with being accused and found guilty of a crime. People can be sent to jail or prison, fined, lose their jobs, lose their professional licenses or worse. While an aggressive criminal defense can help to mitigate the damage caused by a criminal charge, it is obviously best to avoid criminal activity in the first place.

Oregon Supreme Court forces Boy Scouts to release list of names

When a criminal case is discussed in the media, people can form opinions about the accused. This can lead to that person having a difficult time getting fair criminal proceedings. If people become even loosely associated with criminal activity, it can ruin their reputation within their communities and jeopardize future employment opportunities. Furthermore, accusations of criminal activity by others can lead to criminal investigations by local or federal authorities.

Oregon defendants have right to jury trial for violations

Every single person accused of a crime in Oregon has protections granted by the United States Constitution. Many of these constitutional rights protect against police misconduct during searches and seizures of people's personal property. However, some of these rights deal with the subsequent criminal proceedings. They define how people need to be treated during the proceedings. One constitutional right is the right to a jury trial.

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