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Man faces criminal charges, including DUII, for accident

Driving is a mixture of fun and responsibility for many Oregon residents. While many people enjoy driving, operating a motor vehicle must be done with great care to avoid injuring anyone else. Therefore, Oregon has passed a series of laws that regulate under what circumstances people can drive.

What is aggravated DUI?

The state of Oregon looks at driving a car as a privilege. In order to earn that privilege, people must follow certain rules. These including only driving with a blood alcohol content level below .08 percent. If people break this rule, state authorities can bring both civil and criminal penalties.

Reinstating driving privileges in Oregon

Everyone can make a mistake from time to time. Some mistakes have few consequences, whereas others can be life changing. A DUI arrest has the potential to affect a person's life for years to come. In these cases, a person can face a variety of serious penalties including jail or prison time, large fines, driver education classes, mandatory community service, an ignition interlock device and other punishments.

Man faces drunk driving charges after traffic stop in Portland

Portland drivers who are facing drunk driving charges need to be cognizant of what they are up against in terms of penalties. Not only can there be incarceration and fines, but there can be the loss of driving privileges and a device placed on the driver's vehicle making it necessary to take a breath test to determine whether or not he or she has been drinking before the vehicle will start. A DUI conviction can have wide-ranging ramifications on a person's life. This is why it may be important to formulate a strong defense to combat the charges.

Quick action is critical for Oregon DWI offenses

Summer is in full swing in Oregon. With the long summer evenings, many Oregon residents are enjoying themselves with parties, concerts, picnics and more. Summer is the perfect time for getting outside and enjoying life. Often, these celebrations include alcohol. While this alcohol consumption can make for a fun and memorable evening, it can also lead to criminal charges.

Impounding a vehicle following a Portland DUI arrest

When an Oregon resident is accused of Driving Under the Influence, the person can face serious criminal charges. If the person is found guilty on those charges, the person will face penalties. There are many different penalties associated with drunk driving charges. These penalties can range from jail or prison time, to large fines and alcohol education classes. These penalties are meant to punish people for driving over the influence and deter them from committing the offense again.

DUII charges against man dropped after Portland accident

Drunk driving is a serious offense in Oregon. Portlanders accused of drunk driving can face serious and life altering penalties. These penalties are very serious when the arrest occurs following a car accident or injury to another person. However, it is important for Oregon residents to remember that not everyone that is accused of drunk driving will be charged with a crime. Additionally, not everyone who is charged with a DUI will be convicted, even following an accident.

What is aggravated vehicular homicide in Oregon?

In a recent post, this blog highlighted the story of an Oregon man that had been arrested and charged with various drunk driving related charges. In that case, the man was accused of causing a car accident that killed a 60-year-old woman. As many people know, allegations like this are very serious and can result in severe criminal penalties. However, people may not exactly understand the charges this man faces. In particular, many may wonder what aggravated vehicular homicide involves.

Clackamas accident leads to multiple charges including DUII

When Oregon residents are caught driving after having too much to drink, there can be serious legal consequences. When a person is accused of drunk driving, that person risks losing their driver's license, being sentenced to jail time and being fined. These consequences can have long-term effects on the person's personal and professional lives. However, the potential consequences for a DUI increase if another person was hurt by the allegedly drunk driver.

Operating under the influence and boating in Oregon

When the temperatures outside heat up, many Oregonians hit local waterways to have some fun. While boating, swimming and other watersports can be fun, Oregon residents must remember that the state has laws about drinking and boating. Like driving under the influence, boating under the influence is illegal in Oregon. Not only can drinking and boating lead to safety hazards for passengers, it can result in criminal charges.

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