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The dark emotional rainbow that follows DUII arrest

1. Remorse. This is your first DUII emotion. It happens the moment you see the police cruiser's flashing lights in your rear-view mirror. Remorse may not be the right word. If you could kick yourself at this moment, you would.

Portland police arrest woman for DUI after accident on MAX tracks

Service to the MAX Yellow Line tracks had to be shut down for a few hours recently. According to police, a 38-year-old woman had been driving a Datsun pickup truck near the intersection of Interstate Avenue and North Russet Street in Portland when she crashed into a pole. While the crash itself was not extraordinary, the police claim that at the time of the accident, the woman was not on the roadways, but was on the MAX Yellow Line train tracks.

Oregon woman charged with DUII following fatal accident

Accidents can happen to anyone driving a car. In these cases, one small error can cause a lot of damage. When people's mistake was that they were driving drunk, criminal charges will likely follow an accident. The severity of the charges will depend on the amount of damage that occurred in the accident and whether someone else was hurt. The most serious charges follow a fatal car accident.

Oregon man arrested for fourth DUII in 3 months

With the holiday season right around the corner, a drunk driving arrest could happen to anyone in Oregon. People go out to have a good time with family and friends and lose track of how much they have had to drink. Unfortunately, it's a simple mistake with serious consequences. Those found guilty of DUI or DUII will face jail or prison time, large fines, driver's license suspension or revocation, alcohol education classes, probation and more. These punishments can make everyday tasks difficult all because of one mistake.

Woman arrested for drunk driving with children in car

Since children are some of the most vulnerable members of society, police and prosecutors take crimes involving children very seriously. Many people may not think about children and drunk driving, but the two can be related. In fact, if children are in a car with a drunk driver, that driver can face increase penalties.

Accident on Oregon I-5 leads to DUI and other charges

Car accidents happen all the time in Oregon. After most accidents, police will conduct an investigation to try to determine why the accident occurred and if anyone was at fault. During this investigation, all of the people involved in the accident can be questioned. During the rescue efforts, or following the accident, police may search a car for accident victims or for evidence about how the accident occurred.

Police respond to crash, arrest man for drunk driving

There are many different kinds of drunk driving arrests. Sometimes police suspect drunk driving because of erratic behavior behind the wheel, and sometimes charges follow an accident. When an accident leads to a drunk driving arrest, more severe penalties can follow. The specific drunk driving charges may change depending on if property was damaged or if people were hurt in the accident.

Oregon mayor faces third DUII charges since 2004

The more frequently someone is arrested and charged with drunk driving, the more severe the penalties can become if that person is found guilty. Generally, for people's first DUI or DUII offense, they will face $1,000 in fines, court fees, jail time or community service and probation. Probation will likely limit people's ability to drink alcohol and have other limitations. People may also lose their drivers' licenses.

Oregon man injured in accident -- charged with DUII

Recently, an Oregon driver was pulled from his burning vehicle before being charged with drunk driving. According to police, the 43-year-old man was driving late one evening when he came to a T-intersection. Instead of turning left or right, police say the man drove straight through the intersection where he eventually hit an ODOT sign and continued down an embankment. The man's car eventually came to a stop nearly 50 feet from the roadway near a local creek. At this point, police allege that the man's car started on fire.

Washington enacts stricter DUI laws for repeat offenders

As a nation, Americans take a lot of road trips every year in their cars. These trips could consist of anything from going to the grocery store to a multi-state vacation. With so many drivers out there, it is imperative that every driver pays attention to the road and obeys all traffic laws. While most people drive safely, there are a few individuals who make poor decisions when it comes to driving by operating their vehicle impaired. As the years have gone by, DUI laws have slowly gotten stricter in the state of Washington as well as the rest of the nation.

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